DJ Envy & Gia Casey’s Casey Crew: If You Are Hurt More Then You Are Happy, Then It’s Not Worth it..

If You Are Hurt More Then You Are Happy, Then It’s Not Worth it..

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  • I'm weak af 😂😂"if I held my breath everytime Gia spoke😂😂I'm dead 💀 af already not even 2 min in 😂😂 I swear Envy be trying to hold his breath fr! Love Gia!!! 💕

  • im 24… i listen to you every weekday envy…. this podcast just changed my life.

  • Can I be one of your kids. That party sounds amazing

  • Lmao the swallow remarks


  • video footage pelase!!!!!!!!!!! this would probably be my fav show, but i can never watch just staring at the screen

  • @24:00 this guy aint shit

  • 3:06 gia just went charlamagne on dj envy lmao

  • This podcast should be a mandatory class for all couples. God bless the Casey crew. 🙏🙏💯

  • Dj Envy give flowers to his ex girlfriend for valentines in case his new boyfriend forgot

  • Damn She was with a narcissist I hope she gets away from him

  • hands down my fav podcast xfjx

  • "But he has a heart of GOLD". girl bye , she is worth more than what he is showing

  • You tell him Gia, envy had me listening to my own breath he was breathing that loud.
    Luv you guys podcast i always respect the honesty.

  • T L


  • Best podcast ever!! i look forward to listening to you guys every week Gia is the new 2017 Oprah They are my therapist Thank you Casey Crew ❤❤❤❤

  • (21:34) Abuse, Abandonment, in an Adulterated relationship, and yet the offender was described as a person with "A HEART OF GOLD"???? ASTONISHING!!!

  • What's this ovulation kit talk at the end of the Podcast?
    "Planning A New Baby"??
    That will be an interesting topic for next week or how about
    "Testing The Overpopulation Myth"

    (I'm not hating, I'm congratulating!
    The world needs more good people)

  • "The Real Bitch that I am" Envy you are a damn mess… lmao

  • They right tho. If u have more bad times than good times u should just part ways. U should b happy more than hurt

  • this hands down best podcast out there listening all away from Australia . the 2nd letter they read hit a cord with me I have been in physically abusive relationship in past and after 2yrs the bad times got more and more there wasn't any good times left . I was thankfully able get away there wasn't any children involved thank god so i could make clean break from the bad relationship the physical scars have gone but emotional scars stay with u for long time still with me .

  • Regarding NOEL, i think she should read a speech, but more of an empowering and best wishes for the couple. Not focus on how beautiful their relationship. She doesn't have to be fake just wish the best and hope for the best. Then if NANCY comes crying years later, she can be like, remember that speech i made, and be like i never approved of the wedding i wanted to be there for you, and hope she gets through it/move on if necessary.

  • For the "heart of gold lady" , there is no hope there and she truly settled for less, looks is nothing when dude is cold af.

  • I think the Firefighter is just BS with the single mom. If after her telling him shes not moving, and he still wants her to move, i would dump him.