DJ Cuppy , Greenlight + Being The #1 Afro Beat Female DJ In The World W Pvnch

@iampvnch sat down with DJ Cuppy and spoke on everything from the growth of Afro Beat Music all the way to influence its had on pop culture.



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  1. She's cuter than the photos


  2. This punch guy is really bragging about his "numbers" being crazy and how he's the "best" at this. Yet his dumbass doesn't realize that he's actually a terrible interviewer, and the only reason his numbers are high is because of Jack Thriller. Smh Jack really is the best at this and has crazy numbers. He built up this platform by being a great and entertaining interviewer, and that's the only reason people watch this corny ass punch guy. Yet this mf is so delusional he thinks it's because he's an amazing interviewer, which couldn't be farther from the truth. 🀣

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