Did Safaree Get “Jumped”? | The Joe Budden Podcast

Joe, Rory, and Mal discuss the recent incident with Safaree.

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  • I hate these clips. Just upload to full video.

  • Mal is right, Source Awards and BET they always popping off…Never heard of beef at the CMAs, Emmys ,Grammys and Oscars…

  • just drop the full my guys kill it with these clips

  • that's pussy shit….that street nigga lifestyle / gang is pussy shit….meek a bitch…any man that can't fight his own battles is a bitch

  • This nigga mal 35 😂😂 he move like a youngin

  • drop the full podcast!

  • 35 ?!?! WTF. Black don't crack for real

  • That was a joke.That nigga was running like 12 years a slave in his white blouse. No one fought, because no one wants a case and everybody's on probation. sidebar:
    The only man allowed to randomly wear white is Diddy.

  • They don't understand what getting jumped means. I was a teenager in the 90's and people who got jumped were not walking after the incident.

  • that's why wu got at u

  • so Safaree should be scared to be alone in the streets for the rest of his life? FOH!

  • lmao didnt joe leave his man when he came to duffle bag Ran block lmao😂😂

  • Mal don't be making sense dawg lol

  • FULL B

  • full video joe lol

  • That jump was staged. They could've hurt safari and his boy the way they had them in position. More, the camera was set up for the reality show jumping. Super staged jump.

  • Mal is some kind of stupid. He would have got his ass kidnapped talkin all that pacifist bullshit when you got Philly Goons trying to take your Head Off. Mal sound like a true DUMBASS! Ijs

  • im lookn for nedeska


  • I'm with Joe on this one. If I'm in a fight and my man's hop in I would never run on him. That makes Safaree a punk to the highest power. After that dude got served he should have served Safaree.

  • Joe, the guy you were interviewing is a pure bitch.

  • nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, black americans have been completely brainwashed. Every other word is nigga why? what if the white guy starts saying nigga. They gonna get upset hypocrites and embararrassing