Desperate search for landslide survivors in China

A village was buried by an avalanche of mud and heavy rocks while people were sleeping; more than a hundred are still missing.


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  • first

  • 2nd My thoughts are with the victims and rescuers.Flir & ground penetrating radar, search dogs, sound amplifying tech may help in search. Please keep hope, people have been none to survive days in such conditions. The will is strong.

  • my thoughts are with the victims and their family's

  • What a beautiful sight seeing those dog butcher commies squashed like bugs. They'll butcher those poor search dogs when they're through. Schadenfreude is a wonderful feeling.
    Heil Hilter you commies.

  • It's okay. For a few hundred to die, thousands more are born the next day. They repopulate like piss-ants.

  • "and Surely there are clear signs for those who listen"