Desiigner Talks First Summer Jam Experience and Performing New Music



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  • Rrrrrraraaaaaaa

  • Desiigner we need a new Summer Jam bro. A new Panda

  • Love him

  • pan.pand.panda

  • forever hype dig his energy

  • ggddddddd

  • it's my birthday can I get 11 likes please??

  • Nessa leaving Kaepernick

  • She bad 😍

  • Google still hasn't made a language on translator for this nigga? 😖

  • 103 subs i need more tho

  • I really like his energy, forreal!

  • my nigga desiigner looking asian

  • Awesome vid!

  • wtf is wrong with this dude?!

  • Can you just fucking talk NORMAL dog???? I know for a fact you not fucking WAKE UP dancing. I like SOME f wit you got out (not much at all) but you're just making it harder for yourself for people to relate if you don't have more side to you.

  • desiigner triggers my anxiety so fuckin bad like im literally worried about him. pray for this nigga on everything.😭ðŸ˜ģI don't know if he be too Litty or its the drugs/pill poppin. lmfaoo

  • Can this guy be serious for once? I mean it's getting to the point where he becoming a joke

  • She a baddie.😍😍

  • Who let this nigga out from the school ?

  • I'm a huge Desiigner fan and even I have to say tone down your acting Desiigner. It's fucking ridiculous. Every time he is doing an interview he's acting like he just won an award. Just act and talk like a normal person when doing normal interviews for fuck sake. Act like that when you shit has gone platinum or something.

  • I wish i could be Desiigner-happy

  • Whys he talking like a prick?