“Best in the world…where you at Anthony Joshua…Anthony Joshua called everybody’s name but my name…he say he want to fight Povetkin…talkin about Dillian Whyte’s…he talkin about Jarrell Millers…he don’t even mention Deontay Wilder’s name…I’ll go to his backyard…yeah I’m looking past Ortiz,” stated undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who had a lot to say about fellow heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua following a media workout ahead of his upcoming clash with Luis Ortiz. Check it out!



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  1. Wilder can talk if he wants he's undefeated and he will beat Ortiz. Y'all always cheering for non Americans. Oh yea Americans are nun but traitors. Country full of shit people with no brains to think for themselves.

  2. American the land of every unclean and hateful bird, the mother of harlots, sodom and Gomorrah, enemies of sons and daughters of God. U faggots should start supporting ur black champions.

  3. The great black hype, what a cunt!
    Another thick jive talkin cornbread Eatin twat American shite average boxer prop in up the division every one on his cv is a fuckin bum. How does this useless fuck come to where a world championship belt for boxin???
    If it was for talkin the most bollocks about himself an then believing that very same bollocks, I would give him a belt, but not for boxing. If it was for dragging the most crackheads out of his ‘hood’ an paying them to shout a lot of bollocks about other fighters I would give him a gold medal, but not for boxing. This fuckin tool could hear his own echo in the stadiums when he fight they are that empty. No one apart from the pricks he has paid gives two fucks about about his fights. I hope King Kong smacks the bullshit out his mouth. That big stupid Cuban cunt can’t box but has got a head like a year old baked potato so they a good match cos Beyoncé windmills his fists an Ortiz will try an nut them cos he’s too slow to move out the way. Facts are facts Joshua is a boxing machine, speed, power and skilled combination choices, he will spot wilders punches yesterday. But wilder will get hurt and run like a bitch. My prediction is wilder will never fight Joshua and will find excuse after excuse not to fight, if he signs something by accident I predict wilder in a coma before the 5th

  4. Talk too much, I think him and Fury fight to see who gets fight against joshua. I don't think he can hang with fury, fury tough enough and big enough to absorb the 'bomb and take the wild man into deep water, where tyson's awkward and rangy style will pay off.

  5. Wilder, is called, "The Bronze Bomber", because that's the color of the shit that comes out of his mouth. He is the undisputed, undefeated heavyweight fool, who hasn't a clue as to just how stupid and ignorant he really is.

  6. Wilder only gets brave online with regards to An. In London he chased Tony Bellew instead of confronting AJ whilst in the same arena! Guy is so mentally weak that even Eddie Hearn can't resist trolling him! Eddie made Wilder run to his bong after ducking Whyte! 😂😂😂😂

  7. Total idiot! ortiz is going ko him.
    never mind aj.! this idiot has not had a real fight yet. He in for a shock of his life when he gets in with the big men… ortiz ..aj..fury.. they all smashing wilder,,,

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