Dennis Rodman responds to North Korea trip, Otto Warmbier’s death

Former NBA player suggested he is partly responsible for Warmbier’s release, as the university student’s family and friends honor his memory.


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  • yes respect their law

  • what if Rodman simply suggested to Kim Jeong reconcile yourselves to your brothers in the south. East and West Germany did it. go Rodman Kim Jeong Hoon Nobel Peace Prize winner!

  • Sorry but I have to say I think this guy is a piece of shit. He says he's not about all that? What the hell does hat mean? Rodmans a fucken loon like Kim fuck face.

  • I even thought about this before I even new it was a thing. I thought ohhh, Dennis Rodman went to North Korea and then this kid gets released dead. Look at Dennis Rodman, he's a total freak. Listen to his voice, listen to his language, look at his body language, he can't even show up to an interview without covering his eyes. Dennis Rodman probably was a hitman for this kid. This is the level they have worked this stuff up to be. The first day was strictly business. Dennis Rodman killed the kid so that no official had any dirt or be connected in any way, and the story would be so cockamany that no one would ever be able to figure it out because Dennis Rodman is a complete and total paid for and owned asset of the Satanic elite. Just look at the guy. the moment when he starts crying is just ridiculous, nothing these people say is how any ordinary person would react to anything, they are total freaks. Even the dad crying when he talks about wearing his sons jacket. Why are you wearing his jacket, what goal does this achieve rather than you saying your wearing a jacket and making some emotional act about something that is unecessary or irrelevant. It's all just shrouded in emotional bullshit from a strange family involving strange people. Dennis Rodman clapping his hands when he did for what he was saying is very bad body language. His clapping is frustration at what he knows they interviewing him is getting closer to and then he can't even properly say anything for an answer to a question that they guy didn't even ask and then starts crying. Oh big foul play a foot. I'm telling you guys the world is getting so nuts that they are just doing this stuff right in front of your faces, the audacity and arrogance is through the roof. Dennis Rodman is a total freak. He's a dirty dog that the elite let off the leash, and he can't even answer to things without covering his eyes, being a total weirdo, and having a handler in the room that helps monitor his behavior, reactions, and responces. These people are sick.

  • I don't understand why we don't just tell North Korea to either release our people or be nuked off the face of the planet…

  • Denis Rodman the moron should be strapped to a patriot missile and fired into north korea.

  • North Korea hates USA. Why would you go there if you're an American?!!!

  • What do you think will happened to one who tries to walk on swords barefoot??

  • if i ever see dennis rodman, im gettin in his face!

  • The North Korean regime is so brutal and barbaric that a tiny infraction such as taking a propaganda poster becomes a crime as serious as murder or mayhem. It is a symptom of a system that is malignant and ignorant. The North Korean government is sowing the seeds of its own destruction. Anyone who blames Otto for his own death is tragically out of step and does not understand the norms of civility or even what decency is. Those who feel compelled to place blame should at least put the blame where it belongs, on the demented North Korean government, not on the unfortunate victims.

  • i think its interesting that rodman is making moves like this. its fascinating and he does have the potential to make some kind of shift, potentially. it looks like he has been to at least a certain degree. its easy for government ego to say he didnt have an effect, even if he did, because they don't want to encourage rogue diplomacy.

  • Otto is a DUMBASS who tried to make a name for himself by going to NK and got caught stealing.

    The US gave no shits about Otto until they figured it to be advantageous if he would just die and use his death towards HEIGHTENING Anti-North Korea propaganda.

    North Korea had no use for him but the Pentagon saw a great use for him.

    Its working BEAUTIFULLY.

  • I'm tired of hearing about Otto warrmbier. North Korea is no worse than any other country. When you visit someone else country respect their laws. I don't have no ill feeling about North Korea. Their leader has done nothing to me. I'm not going to hate any leadership because of white media. The history of America toward its citizens if put under the microscope would be as worse as any one we're trying to condemn. Trying to make Dennis Rodman a scapegoat proves the point. Who has the right to decide who can be friends with anyone? America whites has some serious issues if you're blaming Rodman for a thief who got caught stealing.
    Why don't all the whites who are talking so tough get on a plane and go after the North Korea leader. It's not going to happen because you know better. The North Koreans will send your ass back here in the same condition as Otto. Tough talking online is all you're going to do little boys. You're not brave enough to do nothing so go after Dennis Rodman who has nothing to do with this. You're true cowards.

  • Lesson learned: DON'T FUCKING GO TO NORTH KOREA.

  • Lol how did rodman have anything to do with otto's death? I dont understand why rodman is the topic of discussion.

  • Disgrace…

  • almost 1500 american tourist go to NK every year and ONLY this thief gets caught?
    He was a wealthy kid probably never had to face up to his actions before.
    Money probably spoke for him most of the time. NK is a different place
    but just because you stole doesnt mean he should get the death penalty.

  • 7:45 came on her face

  • Dennis Rodman should have his citizenship revoked! Disgusting!

  • He went to a shithole country and tried pulling off some college fratboy antics. That's why he died. No pity here.

  • Why would anyone go to that shit hole of oppression…ask for the bull…and you'll get the horns!!!

  • Otto now colder, not warmer

  • Lesson to all arrogant Americans, don't disrespect others or you die.

  • Did we forget he very well could of stolen a sign in a nation your told not to steal a sign from?