Demario Jackson speaks out for first time since ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ scandal

In an E! News interview, Jackson explains what he says happened to prompt Warner Bros. to launch an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct on set.


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  • Fk Trump

  • There is no law or rules for Z listers. In my opinion the woman involved is trying very hard to be relevant in the media. Keep moving please.

  • Wow… people need to stop shaming blacks..

  • honkey whore lied

  • to drunk to consent? as a woman this is your worst nightmare? how about as an adult you need to stop over drinking, if you drink and drive it's your fault but if you drink and sex it's not your fault?

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  • Typical white girl lying about what happened so she can make the black guy look bad, and have the media eat that story up to cover her trashy ways. This happens all the time. By the way, both were wrong for having sex drunk since neither can consent.

  • Let's get the Russians involved in this probe. Maybe, they will find out what exactly happened.

  • This young man needs to hire a lawyer. Pronto.

  • GET OUT!!!!

  • He stupid still defending her. She clearly calling you rapist dumbass!

  • I agree that w this young man's innocence being proved. I'm glad for him. But gosh, he talks waaaay too much. The poor girl interviewing him seems to have to ring him back to the subject after he rabbit trails every time he speaks. I think he likes to hear himself talk….a lot. The interview didn't have to take this long. He enjoys being on camera. Less is more DeMario.

  • SMDH……always gotta bring race into it *re:the comments section……

  • Hes very lucky he didn't get lost in the 'sunken place'. We keep telling you not to trust all these beckys so easily. Know which Becky's to trust and which to AVOID. Stop smashing devils.

  • disgusting how she just threw him under the bus.

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  • this is the second time in his life he has been accused of sexusl assault

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  • Demario is a rapist. The end. He has already shown himself to be a liar who doesn't respect women, I wouldn't put it past him to engage in an alcohol induced sexual assault.


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  • I tell what happen a black man vs any race and gender the black man is always viewed as wrong period.

  • DeMario is nothing but an ugly man who thinks he needs a PR Man? Hardly little boy. You're a recruiter and that's it…….I AM AN ACTRESS AND DON'T HAVE A PR MAN
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