De’Aaron Fox Reacts To Lonzo Ball Not Playing In Summer League Game | SC6 | July 10, 2017

De’Aaron Fox reacted to Lonzo Ball not playing in the Sacramento Kings-Los Angeles Lakers Summer League game that many considered to be an NCAA semifinals rematch.

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  • dont kno y ppl reacting hella bad lmao. trippin like its a playoff game already lol. there will b many more chances in the season to face off. nbd. ya it sucks they couldnt compete here but w/e

  • it wasn't his choice to sit out dumbass mothafuckers

  • ball scared of fox.

  • It's ok he'll destroy him in the nba

  • He can run but he can't hide

  • Why is De'Aaron Fox so obsessed with Lonzo Ball?? Damn dude get off the mans nuts you should be focused on winning and not just an individual player..

  • lonzo ball struggled against kendall marshal, fox struggled against alex Caruso.
    media rips lonzo, media says nothing about fox

  • do children run the media

  • Lonzo is leader. That's what Magic said. But is Fox a leader? No, because he wasn't recognize by Magic. Plus Fox still lost without Lonzo playing the game. The Lakers point guard played better than Fox.

  • every interview fox does is about lonzo

  • It's not clear Lonzo ducked Fox. But it's pretty fucking clear Magic and Lavar did this to protect themselves.

  • Niggas sound dumb asf, he ain't runnin from fox they gone play 4 times in the season

  • Its just basketball! Y wud he be scared!

  • Fox had 12 pts with 1 assist

  • lmaoooo Lakers are scared Lonzo was going to get torched, AGAIN.

  • it's the freaking summer league with rookies and G-league players. people get a life, seriously

  • Instead Fox got abused by Caruso!

  • Jemele got that post-smash glow…..

  • jamele hill sexy ass

  • lonzo is a bust.. lavar is trash..

  • Haters are going to hate.

  • everyone stfu its SUMMER LEAGUE

  • the Ball family got saddening news about the mother before the Sweet Sixteen game. Lonzo was obviously shook and his play took a backseat to his emotions during that game. get off his back, espn fools.

  • Caruso>fox>ball

  • Lonzo pulled some shady type KD shit lmfao

  • Go fox from my home state

  • Youd have to be an idiot to believe they didnt play him because of fox, they sat like 4 players theyre not gonna run from competition, not any time in the NBA would do that

  • Lakers are on suicide watch. Fox would have destroyed him again.

  • dayum! 😳

  • Ball should have saw that coming… Ball can't keep up with Fox…

  • oh please it's summer league

  • Gonna need another face-palm emoji after getting cooked by Caruso.

  • Ball is never gonna be a top 3 point guard… in the pacific division.. curry, booker, fox… then take ten more steps and you have ball and whoever clippers pick up.

  • Jemele is looking good. Dude are trippin'

  • Y'all stupid and don't know basketball

  • Why would he fake an injury its basketball

  • Fox? Did anyone see Fox in LA Lakers match? Whatever … Fox lost from the bench. We just saw the tail of the fox.

  • Her TITTES aged just like her

  • Ball is scared of Fox. He won't be able to hide when the season actual start.

  • he has much more to worry about then fox lol , Cp3, Curry, Kyrie, Westbrook, harden and many other GREAT ESTABLISHED POINT GUARD SO IF he's scared of fox lmao he might as well go home to his daddy

  • Typical new nigga move y'all hate hard work or facing a challenge y'all want the easy route 80s baby the last of the last

  • Lonzo Ball is going to be a great player he is posting triple Doubles all ready

  • Lonzo Ball is going to be a great player he is posting triple Doubles all ready

  • triple double

  • triple double

  • J. Hill love that shirt.

  • when lonzo does bad he's a bust? When lonzo does good it's just summer league. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • How do all you sideline critics know he really wasn't injured…