De’Aaron Fox Puts Wheels On Display | Sport Science | ESPN

De’Aaron Fox’s acceleration in his Sport Science test proves faster than Kyrie Irving’s.

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  • Ive been telling people he is an athletic Kyrie thats an Lefty.

  • Most overrated draft prospect in a decade

  • This dude going to the Kings lol

  • Can you name any left handed player in the history of the NBA ever impacted the game like the top 10 without having to Google it. Didn't think so.

  • Anyone else expecting to see him chatting up the ladies?

  • That boxer was slow lol

  • Fox actually has that black goku hair

  • "quick twitch muscles". Pretty sure it's fast twitch De'Aaron…

  • Sports Science is becoming a joke

  • too cringe to finish watching ….

  • I like this kid

  • this was scientifically stupid…..use a boxer of same weight…ESPN getting dumber and dumber…

  • shit Im quicker than that heavy weigh…quick and fast are two different​ variables….

  • ESPN….motive to constantly show you BULLSHIT….they target dumb mf

  • FIRE THEM ALL..get rid of ESPN

  • he better then BOZO

  • Sport Science be making people seem better than they actually are

  • WBC heavyweight?…..not the champion bc deontay Wilder is just that. so he's probably one of their lower tier champions like silver or regular title holder. Also fox looks like a light heavy so why use a full heavy for speed comparison? that's a 45lb weight advantage minimum. But whatever point is to make him look good so whatever

  • His reaction time is so good because he's an actual gamer…

  • This nigga John wildin 😂😂😂

  • correction *BBC HEAVYWEIGHT

  • lol theres no way in hell thats nba court size. looks more like highschool. 😂

  • With those fast hands he probably a beast at… nvm

  • "In our lab, fox is able to run at 67 mph in under.23 seconds"


  • faster doesn't necessarily mean netter in the nba

  • This kid is gonna be the next great one !! I'm hoping Lakers pick him..

  • 6 of 9 rounds hehe

  • I remember when sportscience used to be only for special athletes in their sport, now everyone on it is there

  • this proved nothing

  • I know he ain't have a microphone come down from a rope 😂😂😂

  • yall see how he caught himself before that no homo moment? "i have real quick twitch muscles so i can get my hand on a lot of bal….a lot of BASKETBALLS" lol

  • But can he dodge 5 dodge balls 👀 thats why he goin #2-3

  • Washington should've knocked him out after he lost.

  • This is weird AF lmao

  • john Wall and Fox are gonna BATTLE

  • It would've been hella nice if they would've fought and okay now bring josh Jackson

  • My name is gerald

  • tf did I just watch