Daymond John Talks Relaunching FUBU, Millennials, His Book ‘Rise & Grind’ + More

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  1. If champion can comeback so can Fubu. I think the brand is a strategic partnership away from the mainstream. I’ve been following the brand. They did a capsule collection with urban outfitters & chris brown so I’m curious as to why he didn’t mention it 🤔

  2. I don't agree with this dude. Most companies today are back by INSTITUTIONAL investors. That's the difference. Angel investors like this guy take 50% for 50k when incubators give you $100-200k checks for 10%

  3. These guys who are motivational speakers come on these shows and talk shit. Daymond John made money, but let's face facts he has not done anything apart from FUBU. If this guy is so great where is FUBU today? He talks about people watching TV shows yet he wants people to buy his books and watch his TV Show. These guys who made money years ago and ain't done nothing since are now motivational speakers.

  4. U can't say if u binge watch u ain't on ya grind. There are tablets, laptops and phones u big dumby. I used to work and watch Netflix. Shut up I'm watching this interview on my phone goofy

  5. I really hate when people make the comment about somebody," hating his or her job" damn like a ninja can't have a bad day every now and then ain't shit perfect, damn son! Creating a bunch of selfish MF's. This is all theory these people don't tell you about the failing stories

  6. i don't agree with Daymomd John he mistakes people who don't socialize alot/people who don't kiss ass with a person that has an attitude smh. i wouldn't wanna work with Daymond anyways lol you'll be unemployed in 3momths working for FUBU

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