“I would like to, but hey, it’s up to him…that’s a good fight in the future…I gotta stay focused…I’m locked in…I’m ready…probably not…the only time I’ll be in the same building as him is if we fighting, or like that media thing we just did…I don’t know him personally, so I don’t care…if I like you, I can’t fight you,” stated former world champion Danny Garcia, who talked about his beef with unified champion Keith Thurman. Check it out!



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  1. What happened to the boxing fans that used to state facts in the comment sections? Now all I see is bias young kids calling everyone scared. Yet they have no idea how it is in an actual boxing ring.

  2. I dont have a problem with Garcia but at 147 he got fuck going for his left hook diddnt trouble Thurman how is he going to give Spence jr problems, Brook smashea garcia he a much bigger guy then Spence Jr and he still improving, find more power in that left hook otherwise they will walk right throw and end your career sooner

  3. That was such a boring ass fight with Thurman. Exchanges in the middle of the ring were fairly even until Thurman got on his bike. Garcia's a good counter puncher but he can't move for shit.

  4. Thurman is such a bitch he won't even give Danny Garcia or porter a rematch & he definitely ducking Spence he needs to just vacate the belts & stop complaining about his bullshit injury

  5. Doubt he gets the thurman fight this year. Gotta fight a top welter after this though. Spence, Crawford or porter. Somebody who's a threat although I don't think Danny's lost it. I would only favor him to beat Shawn but I don't think he'd be totally outmatched vs anybody

  6. Nah you dont fight anybody, that's a big lie. You wait and wait and wait. That's why you lost the Thurman's combat. Go sign for a fight against Shawn Porter and get another loss. Because you are going to keep on 'waiting and waiting'…

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