Danny Ainge Vents About Josh Jackson’s Canceled Workout | First Take | June 23, 2017

The First Take crew discusses Danny Ainge’s interview where vents about Josh Jackson canceling his Boston Celtics’ workout.

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  • ainge good at stockpiling pick but he dont know how to use his assets when it matters. shouldve given up some assets to trade for prozingus, yet phil jackson is an idiot anyways so who the fuck knows what that white nigger was thinking

  • L3

    Sorry. If Jackson doesn't have the brain to make the decision to whether he should or should not miss a workout, he doesn't deserves the 3rd overall pick. We are not talking about a 3 year old. He is plenty old enough to make a simple decision.

  • Danny Ainge is pretty good fucking drafter what is max talking about? He's only had 3 lottery picks in a while, Smart was a great pick, unreal defender and a huge locker room presence. Jaylen brown who was criticized is now beloved by Boston, and the jury is out on Tatum but he has a high floor so I can't see him being a bad pick. Every other pick wasn't in the lottery and guys like Olynk, Bradley, even sullinger were great picks at the spot they were taken.

  • Celtics need Mychel Thompson they need a guy that can help I.T to score the ball

  • Celtics are trying to build a team like the Patriots. Hard work, dedication, and team-first mentality.

  • Burn your bridge before you make the league. Not smart at all!

  • Stephen A: "Joe Dumars wouldn't get away with this!"

  • When's the last time Ainge drafted a great player? I'll wait….
    Good job Josh 👍👌

  • Nothing to do in Sacramento?? 🙄 GJ loser for picking ANOTHER bust pick 😂😂😂

  • Celtics just salty. Josh is gonna be a star in Phoenix.

  • These idiots don't know what they're talking about. Fuck off first take

  • Celtics were #1 in the east when every team was tanking, and Celtics were playing their hardest.  At there best there a number 5 team.  So they are no where near Clevelend, and a trade for Butler aint gonna help.   The only way this kid makes sense over Josh Jackson though is if they already know they have a better small forward on the way in free agency.  And this kid can average 10 rebounds a game and shoots 40% from 3 point range, and becomes our perfect stretch four in 2 years.  Otherwise, I agree, they shoulda took Jackson, because this guy looks like another tweener.

  • Jackson ain't shit compare to Tatum

  • It's quite obvious he didnt want to go to boston

  • Danny Ainge is overrated!!!

    Danny Ainge can thanks Kevin McHale!

  • I hate when people praise Danny ainge. Yes he got the big three together. But after that he hasn't done anything. The past 3+ years Boston has been stacked with picks and he always uses the excuse that other teams ask for to much for a trade. And the team that's in Boston right now is proof of that. And all they have is hope for the future because they're not beating the cavs with this roster.

  • There's nothing in Sacramento lmao

  • People run Okafor under the bus so easily because he doesn't show much effort…. He plays knowing an anvil named Embiid is hanging over his head. When Embiid is healthy, the HC pulls the string and drops it on his head. He knows hes not playing. Who in TF wants to have limited PT to a dude who rarely plays? And if you're gonna do that in the first place, trade him so he could make his mark in the league. Stop it with the "oooh, Okafor doesn't play defense well" bullshit… you know nothing about basketball to me when you speak on him like that. He was disappointed day 1 bc he knew he was a backup for four years.

  • Lmao suns gm says he had to do with josh Jackson not working out with the Celtics so he could get him, what a savage 😂😂

  • Slave master mentality. Fuck Boston

  • Tatum is a good guy, Jackson is a shit guy. That's why Ainge would never draft Jackson.

  • hit like if you think this max guy should eat a shit

  • JJ canceled the workout once he found out Boston didn't have a Chickfila. Who tf wants to live in a city with no god damn Chickfila?!?!

  • josh Jackson is a thug

  • The fact that yet another arrogant little upstart just chooses to skip an NBA teams workout proves how 100% fucked this league is. Its just going to get worse with all these entitled little faggots coming in.

  • Its not just about talent, its about integrity and character….how you gonna blow someone off after they fly across for a scheduled appointment??

  • Yea, pass on the thug. Good move, Danny.

  • "nothing to do in Sacramento…" Fuck you, Danny Ainge! There's a million fucking things to do in Sac Town, there's…….., well there's…………….doesn't matter, Fuck you, Danny Ainge!!