D’Angelo Russell Shows Off Playmaking Abilities | Sport Science | ESPN Archives

(June 23, 2015) Take a look back as ESPN Sport Science looks at the passing and playmaking abilities of point guard D’Angelo Russell.

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  • His play making abilities ..🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Is that why they traded him

  • That's actually Fredo X2

  • How many takes was this? 😉

  • Why to the nets

  • watching and thinking Damn the nets finna suck

  • Lmfao I'm way better than his sorry ass

  • It probably took this nigga like 12 attempts to get this video done correctly

  • still a bust

  • Magic Took An L On This One

  • His snitching ability is off the charts

  • Good trade this mans gonna average something like 25-5 while lonzo will average 15-10 I would much rather have lonzo.

  • alot of you are real assholes,you don't watch basketball. many times, the players wasn't catching the ball or missing easy shots that's why you all same people would say that our team is garbage. 2nd,he was the best in pick-n-roll with mosgov and t.black

  • This boi washed out

  • didnt see him get many assits in his rookie season

  • Lonzo is far better because Dlo plays selfishly so it doesn't even matter if he passes!

  • Old ass video bruh

  • when will he show off his snitchin abilities?

  • he better not snitch on a New York nigga or he getting a Buck fifty across his face lol

  • I am 3 times as good as this nigga 😂

  • Magic Johnson needed a leader and he wasn't it

  • As a laker fan i watched a lot of games… and trust me He is NOT a great passer at all! Very in consistent during games too, he would score a solid 20 one game and score a measly 8 points for another 4 games

  • Looks like a bust

  • Do one on how he's so good at snitching