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  1. Ebro as a lawyer in America , Anglo American Law is law that originated in England which is the body of where much of our laws came from. Your a voice of the media and you have your facts twisted…Do some research before you scream racism

  2. We're well pass the state of ppl being "naive" to the racism and just flat out ignorance. They've putting it in the face of Americans as hard as can be without saying directly.

  3. Messed up but he (Sessions) told the truth, the history of the policing…… Hate this whole administration. I liken the rise if Drumpf and the new overtness of the fuqqery to a cancer or lesion showing itself.
    I was having a light day. This switched that trajectory. TY Ebro. But seriously, thank you for pointing this event of the sickness out.

  4. Obama also used this term when speaking to the Senate, 'The world is watching what we do today in America… I sincerely hope we can protect what has been called the “great writ”—a writ that has been in place in the Anglo-American legal system for over 700 years.'

  5. It'd be awesome if you did some research before going on this tirade. I know you really like doing these kind of segments but he is speaking to sherrifs about upholding Anglo-American law. If you've ever read a law book, you probably would have seen it interchangeably with "Common-Law". But I know you're having fun… So, "Everybody say racist, keep it goin!". To be fair however, an old white Republican speaking on protecting Anglo-American heritage will probably be taken as a racist comment. Definitely a poor choice of words. He very well may be racist, but this isn't as big of a deal as it's being made to be.

  6. sessions basically bringing back 100 year old language to the mainstream. last time i heard a casual "anglo american" reference is probably in stomrfront or some other nazi website. this is how toxic this white nationalist presidency has been. and even worse than black are the fate of immigrants who are being constantly humiliated and torn apart from their families by ICE. this is the cruelty these people voted for. they relish on seeing vulnerable people suffer.

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