FightHype.com was on hand at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, California where former world champion Canelo Alvarez and undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin made the final stop in the multi-city press tour to promote their highly-anticipated September 16 showdown. Check out the scene as Golovkin shared his thoughts on Canelo, the fight, and much more.


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  • Genaddy "this boxing" Golovkin 💯

  • are you gonna knock him out? this is boxing!

  • Pure Shade billy gonna be pissed

  • I'm going to fucking strangle myself if she laughs fake laughs like that again

  • man kazakhs really sound like borat lol

  • 'Come on G' 1:18 she sounds hood 🤣

  • Ur a superstar boxer … triple g no it's to much for me ! 😂

  • "He's nothing" & smiling. Means "he's not even on top 10 pound for pound & I am , & guess what, so is canelo you bum who needs to cause a stir in a press conference to get a fight" but in a nice way

  • Waiter.: Would you like some salt with them chips ?
    GGG: No please this is boxing
    Waiter: Oookay, what would you like for dessert ?
    GGG: I want Canelo he is real champion
    Waiter: 😞

  • Lmao this foo

  • people say gaylovkin is not a trash talker but he obviously is, his English is just very limited. don't be fooled

  • "Did you think this fight would ever manifest Gennady?"

    Gennady looks at her like "huhh???"

  • Saunders is annoying

  • GGG is great guy….but Canelo might have this.

  • damn pop that spot dude before folk start screaming roids at you

  • He doesn't give a fuck about 'free Jordans'..fkn yanks.

  • Breakfast is breakfast, drink is drink….sex is sex

  • I would love to see GGG vs Andre Ward. A lot of money would be made also.But I think GGG is afraid of Ward. Maybe box at 168

  • Billy joe can't hang with American "Amateur" boxers! 😂😂

  • can't wait for this dude to lose.this fans are annoying