Cristiano Ronaldo To Return To Manchester United? | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel debate the rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo requesting a move out of Real Madrid, possibly back to Manchester United.

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  • Nigga im first

  • Hell yes come back to Manchester United

  • Ronaldo himself said he wants to back to manchester united… why would tht black guy always denies tht???? who is he?

  • Yeah come back to united

  • He's not going back any team but Trash Manchester United. PSG is a better option.

  • I think Ronaldo is quite sensitive about the kind of support he gets from the club, and its supporters. If Madrid publicly support Ronaldo during this saga, I don't see him going anywhere. Especially not after he just signed a big fat contract.

  • ronaldo did not win the champions league by himself! half of the games he didnt even play and some that he did play in he didnt even do much! and this is coming from a real madrid fan!

  • this is not the first time!!!!Ronaldo is an attention whore,he's going nowhere!!!!!!stop dreaming man u fans😂😂

  • Lmao CR7 isn't playing with Mourinho or James Rodriquez again, you can bet on that.
    Why he'd play with a bunch of losers on a team that can't go to the UEFA Champions League

  • If Ronaldo moves this summer from the best team in the world where he easily can claim at least one more ballon d'Or after 2017 to Manchester United in such awful state, he will earn eternal respect from me despite how well he does in Manchester. If he moves to PSG he will lost all respect i've ever had for him, because that's such a cheap move. If he moves to PSG there are only two reasons why he did that: money or/and cheap goals. He would go 45+ goals every season till 35-36 in French league alone, then add ucl and cup goals.

    Having that said, he will most likely stay in Real and my opinion on him will stay the same.

  • Man united Finna break all kinds of records. They either going to break the bank or have the record for the most rejections for this summer.

  • Ronaldo should com back to utd . I m your biggest fan off yors plz com back to utd plzzzzzz

  • plz com back

  • yes lets listen to these clowns who were sup par players and coaches

  • why Ronaldo didn't you say that you will retire at Madrid and if you go I'll turn to a barca fan and I'll be a fan of messi more than ronaldo

  • fuck this , cr7 will be always madrid player

  • It isn't so crazy honestly I think most of y'all are hypebeast most of y'all didn't know Madrid was a team till Ronaldo came there lmao

  • Cr7 to MLS book it

  • Never 😤

  • Man UTD is better than real madrid

  • I am Scottish and I apologise for how ugly Stevie Nichol is. We don't eat a lot of vegetables.

  • ronaldo hates jose one reason he wont go there ahaha

  • please ESPN, for the love of god, please don't ever take as an example of any italian sport newsparer Tuttosport ever again. As an italian guy fan of all sports and fan of your exeptional journalist and broadcasting work, please don't do such a silly mistake to treat trash as good sources……please I beg you all!

  • Ronaldo is not worth £175m and De Gea. Jesus christ…

  • Yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaassssss come home my boi!!!!! We are all waiting!!

  • ronaldo does so mach for real madrid and he still do the 8 years in real gived to him 3 champions league and 4 la liga dont leave madrid!!!

  • he should've never left United anyway, ridiculous.

  • Real Madrid will be like Valencia fc if ronaldo leaves lol