Could There Be A Banana Boat Reunion? | The Jump | ESPN

Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Brian Windhorst discuss the possibility of Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and LeBron James playing together at some point in their careers.

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  • I was wondering where this Banana Boat reference was coming from, lol

  • if you think the banana boat team wouldn't compete with the warriors you must didnt really watch basketball go look at the mavs that beat miami go look at the mavs guys ages


  • Pause

  • Sorry. LeBron is not ready for the Banana boat thing until he's like 36 years or older. He's trying to win titles. Not have fun in the NBA. Smh.

  • I'm not even a Rockets fan but how they heck did they do this clip without mentioning Houston:

    1. They just traded for Chris Paul.
    2. They're about to trade for Carmelo Anthony. (I predict Ryan Anderson for Melo)
    3. James Harden is in his prime and would be a great teammate for all the banana boat guys who are ageing.
    4. Clint Capela is just a young atheltic rebounder and wouldn't get in anyones way.
    5. Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony both have expiring contracts in 2018.

    6. They move any invonvienient contracts like maybe Eric Gordon.
    7. They offer Lebron a max contract in 2018 summer.
    8. They offer Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony slight pay cuts (not max) with an extra year because they have their bird rights.
    9. All 3 guys accept the contracts because there's no state tax in Texas.

    10. They go into 2018/19 with:
    pg- Chris Paul
    sg- James Harden
    sf- Lebron James
    pf- Carmelo Anthony
    c- Clint Capela/whoever

  • Last digit of your sub to my channel is what player you are

    1. Lavar Ball
    2. Kobe
    3. Lebron
    4. James Harden
    5. Clint Capella
    6. Steph Curry
    7. Kyrie Irving
    8. Brian Windhorst
    9. Russel Westbrook
    0. Zaza

  • The last thing I want to see is Lechocke in the finals again. Stop giving this over hyped asshole super teams. LeBron is overratted.

  • Doubt it. They are too old at this point and there would be no bench with the amount of money they command.

  • That title sound gay asf and look gay asf

  • banana boat will be a must see TV. everyone will tune in every single night

  • Melo wasn't on the banana boat he was on side taking pictures like these niggas look gay

  • Knicks sign David Griffin you can bet that banana boat would head to NY to play with the unicorn!!!!

  • Washed up all stars team

  • Whiteside

    All them taking pay cuts to about $20 million or less in Miami, that'd be the best thing to see

  • everybody can thank that šŸ for all this bullshit going on in the nba

  • banana boat knicks?

  • lmao I don't see the banana boat reunion, beating the Warriors.

  • thats some fag shit smh

  • They would all be older like really 33-34 They would still do great but they would all want HUGE money and I dont thnk they Win s Chip anyways. It would just be for fun and prolly in the East cause Lebron soft

  • if the banana boat brothers get together they will best golden state ! fuck all the haters. wade and bron are a top 3 duo ever.


  • This team would be great in 2012-2013 not in 2018-2019 these guys are too old.

  • Would they really be that unstoppable in 2017-18, let alone a year from now when they're allĀ free agents.
    TheirĀ PTS/REB/AST from last season
    Wade-18.3/4.5/3.8Ā (35 Years old)
    Melo-22.4/5.9/2.9 (33 Years old)
    James-26.4/8.6/8.7 (32 Years old)
    Paul-18.1/5.0/9.2 (32 Years old)

  • these idiots are still stuck in 2009 Dwayne wade is FINISHED, Melo will not play team basketball and never plays defense so all of this is just filler till the NFL season starts.

  • it dont matter, warriors just need steph & clay to beat these guys now

  • The NBA look like the fantasy draft I did in 2k

  • I don't like her mustache.

  • When you are trying to enhance your legacy and owners are paying billions of dollars for their teams, there will be no banana boat team, playing for fun.

  • Banana boat in houston shits crazy