“Paulie talked a lot of shit…look, he’s been brought in to spar…we’re gonna have a knock and he’s gonna have to answer to what he’s been saying,” stated UFC multi-division champion Conor McGregor, who confirmed Paulie Malignaggi will be brought in for sparring. Check it out!


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  • no pro boxers should help this fuckin faggot spar! biggest fuckin mouth in the world for a piece of shit who has never even had a single fuckin pro boxing bout

  • When Floyd was 28, he was running shit. When Floyd was 28, he had been world champion for 12 years. When Floyd was 28, he was making bank.

  • Mayweather had a great name at 28, and was beating the best. He just wasn't marketed correctly early on in his career by that heathen Arum.
    McGregory need not to compare himself to Floyd Mayweather Jr, cus he is know where near the elite boxer Floyd is.
    He's good at what he does in MMA, plus a an Irish Caucasian. I we know how America feels about white champions. No matter where their from.
    May vs McGregory is a no-brainer. Floyd by late stoppage…body shot, or check left hook

  • You could tell Conor wants to slap the head of Ellie's bitchass

  • he is bringing in Spence and Eubank Jr for sparring also .

  • looks like glass joe

  • i am gonna laugh so hard when he taps out again. He already lost 4 times

  • paullie wil fuck mcgregor up he cant fight against chris van heerden

  • I used to like conor but his lack of respect for a real champion is disgusting he makes himslef seem like a bitch with every sentence hes a man of many words but a master of nothing!

  • Conor talking too much about Malignaggi. Paulie gonna be scared to spar now. Paulie talked a lot of shit and it would be funny to see video of Conor going hard on Paulie looking like a mad man.

  • LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO conors actually pissed with featherfisted guido Paulie for stealing his ''who d fuck is that guy'' line ahahahahahaha …. he's gonna kill him and throw his skull and bodyparts in the gym's refuse unit afterwards.

  • Conor I like you, but stop saying I'm 28 and were was floyd at that age the thing is look at were he is now what remains to be seen is were will YOU be when your 40 that's the real question mate anyway good luck I really hope u beat TBE

  • Erroll Spence said you looked like a trash and can't box, inite him to camp and make him pay for he said
    you wannt another small old man because you're afraid of a young guy your size you're a coward

  • connor the champion who ain't defended shit.

  • In boxing, Paulie would absolutely humiliate Conor, just like Floyd will do in august.

  • Conor's so fake lol. He's a scared punk

  • Floyd was undefeated at 28 and champion. But Conor is going to get more at 28 BECAUSE of Floyd. Floyd wasn't in a company and sport that promotes 2 fighters(Ronda) out of their whole roster. And didn't have a Dana white to let him jump a whole weight division and get a title fight and duck title fights.

  • please make sure t0 video Paulie fucking u up so we can laugh….

  • 0-1 LOL

  • Conor should wear a new suit with pinstripes that say ` I`m a quitter`

  • Conor is a bitch, I was a Conor fan not anymore he can fight but he needs the crow he needs to shite talk Conor is only were hes at because he shite talks and all the dumb asses love love this. Conor rose from fighting dumb asses Aledo was a dumb ass
    Nate beat Conor rocked him with a solid shoot and Conor was finished Nate won both fights rematch fixed for Conor.

    Conor did not drop Nate Nate went down to trick conor for a ground take down Conor was chicken to fight Nate on the ground
    See what happens when Conor fights a real fighter Nate rocked him Conor needs the crowd, Floyd is going to rock Conor trust me Conor is done Conor has no cardio this is a different game Conor can't hadle real fighters Floyd is going to give Conor hard body shots Floyd is much faster Conor will be winded and KOed Conor will drop his hands and Floyed is to fast Conor will be KOed

    Floyed is a different beast, have fun Conor

  • The only two things that still make Paulie relevant in boxing is he hates Manny so much and he sucks Floyd's' dick for a living

  • These guys are playing you dumb asses like puppets. Do you not know that Paulie has already been part of Conors training camp? They have been working together this whole time, now they are acting like they have a beef, so they can put on a quick sparing expo and you guys will buy into their pretend drama. I honestly think half of these so called "fans" should start watching WWE or soap operas or something because you are so obsessed with the phony hype.

  • Lol 😂 maligaggi would ko mcgregor

  • k c

    to sanction this fight is a disgrace to boxing a huge disgrace