“I’m gonna maul him…I’m gonna rip him limb from limb…he’s not experienced this…these attacks, they’re all foreign to him…there’s fear in him…he’s afraid of the unknown…they can’t shut my mic off August 26th,” stated UFC multi-division champion Conor McGregor, who spoke more about his upcoming showdown with undefeated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather. Check it out!


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  • Canelo hits harder than Conor in my opinion. I want McGregor to win but sometimes he just talks shit…

  • I think McGregor got this in the bag. Floyd went out of character, he's been preaching how mature he was, the moment Conor pushed his buttons he reverted back to his character ten years ago. Conor is all up in his head, but you fanboys are blind to see.

  • Stupid reporter said Canelo complained about Floyd running… what fight were they watching. Floyd stood right in front of Canelo all night and beat the s**t out of him. Go back and watch the fight!

  • hard work!?
    ……..anyone? 😓


  • I just came to read the comments about Artem "the goat" Lobov

  • All you so called boxing fan salivating over one of the best boxers of all time beating a 0 boxing fight novice.
    Floyd is dragging boxing through the mud with this one, and you're sucking his bollocks all the way, meanwhile Conor is laughing all the way to the bank, regardless of outcome.. you dumb muppets.

    If you have ANY love for boxing, save your hard earned money for GGG-Canelo, this shit is turning into WWE.

  • This is so stupid. I cant believe this nonsense is actually going to take place

  • Everybody keeps talking about a real fight. A real fight doesn't include boxing or MMA rules. Which means you don't have an opponent standing across from you that can only engage you in a certain manner, this is not a real fight! A real fight means "No rules", and I can beat your ass anyway I see fit with no restrictions! When a real fight breaks out, sure having boxing or mma skills will certainly help and potentially give you an edge but the fact that an opponent can do whatever, whenever changes things a bit. I've seen plenty of so called boxers and mma guys get their asses kicked in a real fight because the guy they're facing can engage them in such a way that they're not accustomed to inside the ring. So knock off all the real fight talk because mma or boxing isn't real fighting, period!


  • Apollo vs Drago lol

  • Where was your music? Nobody wants to listen to bagpipes and shitty tin whistles

  • lhh this man is actually delusional

  • Errol Spence will smoke him

  • All the corny racists rooting for floyd make me laugh. Hoping Floyd wins this fight is like wanting Apollo Creed to beat Rocky in the first film.

  • Mccheese is getting himself knocked out 😂 Just wait until those ounces of gloves he doesn't know shit about start getting heavier and Floyd starts working that body and mccheese leaving himself WIDE motherfucking open like he did against SLOW Nate Diaz 😂, this dude is not passing 7 rounds Mayweather is gonna stand right in front of him and counter him ALL night, I won't pay to watch this scam but I'll go to a bar to watch it

  • Connor is seriously going to need a FULL gas tank in order to beat Floyd. His stamina is still lacking. He can't fool me!

  • canelo will needs feet to run out of GGG , anything is going to save that pussy to get KO, connor mc gregor way better fighter than all of them, amazing IQ for fighting I know he already has the blue print to picking apart floyd and KO him.

  • In reality Mac is a far superior fighter than Floyd. Its insulting to real fighters to call boxers fighters. That's why boxing is so graceful. Its not a fight. Fights are ugly,, unpredictable violent. Boxing is about as close to a real fight as WWE is to real wrestling.

  • If Conor chooses to MAUL him there is absolutly nothing Floyd can do physicly he would hospitalise him

  • Canelo vs Conner

  • Floyd won't destroy him, he'll let him answer round 12 and just slap him around a bit. Mayweather is easily good enough to spar the guy. I think there will be some half staged 'takedown' or whatever you call it. Now if this guy was fighting canelo i would be against it going ahead way to dangerous.

  • Floyd is going to beat this clown and when he does I don't want to to hear none of oh well they should have fought in the cage or well this and that no keep your mouth shut when Floyd treat this clown like one

  • Counter punchers don't maul people.

  • Easiest $100 Million ever made for mayweather.

  • I can see a sense of "what the fuck have i gotten into" in Conors eyes all of this is overwhelming he will fold against Mayweather id put the pink slips up on that!

  • Conor abt to get his jaw broke on August 26 …. get that ass tapped….

  • Such a Creepy Person Conor is,,,Makes me Itch,,,,,,, EVANele,,,Your full of SHITE,,,,,

  • If Connor wins this .. I will masturbate for a week

  • Anoying Irish GobShite,,,,,

  • he talking like its an mma match marquees and queensberry rules only baby fucck all that holding hugging kicking shit we dont need all that to beat your ass catch these hands baby

  • Boxing match. MAYWEATHER PRO Conor Amateur Boxer thou extremely good Mma. Mayweather knows he has advantage otherwise would not have taken fight.

  • he should talk less swear less clean his act up and be respectable and notorious

  • sounds like he will be moving around the ring a lot , its going to look weird as F
    comical even