Congratulations to Donald Trump’s Dentures!

Ebro and the Morning discuss Tomi Lahren’s disrespectful comments towards Colin Kaepernick, Tampa Sign Language Imposter and Donald Trump’s slurred speech. Did Donald Trump have a stroke, does he have dentures or is he just thirty?

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  1. Look, I didn't vote for him, and there's so much I disagree with about Trump being our President; but y'all are just as bad as the people you make fun of when you report like you're TMZ. You're legitimately going out of your way to find ways to diss Trump… Then, later on, you try and low-key diss CTG. Congratulations, you're all just as guilty.

  2. I get some comments. I understand that ignorance is bliss but If yall are not discussing whats going on in this country then what are u discussing all day? I'm curious. Only so much lil/young insert rapper name news that's worthy of debate. I understand ignoring Lavar Ball stuff but the President is impossible to do. St least try to have fun with that fact.

  3. Definetly report on this instead of what he's doing in his presidency. This is how you know they don't actually have a good argument. They just hate him for no reason lmao

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