Compton Gang Unit’s Theory on Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson Killing 2Pac

Compton gang unit officers Timothy M. Brennan and Robert Ladd spoke to VladTV about the infamous 2Pac murder case, which they investigated. Here, they describe the incidents leading up to 2Pac’s death: the history of the Crips and Bloods, the Lakewood Mall incident, and the altercation between Orlando Anderson and 2Pac in Vegas prior to the shooting. Then the two officers recall the shooting, citing witness reports and claiming that it was Orlando Anderson who shot Pac. Watch above.



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  1. Yaki Kadafi said he saw the shooter and could identify him. By the time the Cops talked to Kadafi, he backed down and just gave a broad description of the shooter. Then Kadafi goes back to NJ and gets killed himself like 6 weeks later. I think the truth died with him. But I also think Suge knows who did it as well but already stated he will not say.
    Orlando Anderson more or less HAD TO retaliate against Pac. He just got a major beatdown in front of hundreds of people by a rapper-actor, gangbanger wannabe. He couldn't let that slide, he had a name and stature to defend in the Crips. Orlando and his friends somehow had Pac given to them on a silver platter when they pulled up on Pac's car. You can't get luckier than that. Pac sealed his fate when he jumped Anderson. If not that night, eventually a retaliatory strike was coming his way.
    It's awful to have such a young life snuffed out by violence. I guess Anderson got his as well as he got shot and killed himself, at a young age , a few years later.
    So who is all dead now that was involved? Tupac, Yaki Kadafi, Frank Alexander, Russell Poole, Orlando Anderson, am I forgetting anyone?

  2. If they never confirmed who killed JFK an he was a white man , I highly doubt they are ever going to have concrete proof who killed PAC & Bigge …. THEORY ARNT PROOF …There basically a smart way of saying "OPINION " when they say my theory is ….

  3. People need to accept that everything Greg Kading has said is 100% based on facts no ifs or buts, it's simple what happened. If Pac didn't punch Orlando he wouldn't have got killed and if Pac didn't killed then biggie wouldn't have got killed people need to realise this happened and deal with it

  4. Lmfao you morons who believe in this conspiracy bullshit confuse yourselves even…. WHY IN THE FUCK would these police officers lie about what they know??? Orlando killed Tupac over disrespect…… Go listen to big knocc outs interview he even admits Anderson was a real street dude….

  5. this is what I don't understand. If suge knew baby lane did it….if he saw him do it…how is baby lane walking the streets for 2 years?  why didn't suge handle that?  baby lane died on some other beef….I don't get how someone with as much  money as suge and connected to the streets lets this person live

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