Compton Gang Unit Officers on Arresting Eazy-E, “F*** the Police” Being Released

Compton Gang Unit officers Timothy Brennan and Robert Ladd spoke in detail to VladTV about patrolling the notorious area of California in the mid-1980s and arresting Eazy-E.

They explained what it was like “working in the trenches” with the various dealers and gang members when NWA and Eazy-E put Compton on the map and made the media pay attention to the high crime. To hear more of what Brennan and Ladd had to say, including their reaction to “F*** the Police,” hit the above clip.


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  • When these Cracka's mixtape coming out?

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  • Know your enemy! and the best way to do that to talk to them. these cops were making excuses to Vlad about Police Brutality. Some of you want to shoot the messenger instead of soaking up this knowledge about the mentality of police officers that Vlad provided in this interview.
    I guess some of you would rather hear the life story of a talentless mumble rapper who wears ladies dresses…. * smh

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  • Dude on the right know his homie talking some bullshit😂

  • Vlad finally got part of his team up there lol

  • What the fuck Vlad

  • They showed absolutely no sympathy when he mentioned Eric Garner and others.

  • Notice he uses adrenalin instead of what it really is, which is hatred.

  • FTP & Vlad

  • Fuck the police

  • Now i really know Vlad is hip hop police!

  • y u got them on there..cause tha pac movie comn out

  • Why is Vlad interviewing these dudes? He is surely becoming a white supremacist

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  • gangunit. Blondie, and Richardson was cool. Aguirre and old school Pena set alot of people up.

  • this is vlad buddies… they give this culture vulture those questions to ask the artist he interviews

  • you never gonna get cops that are still on the force to just admit they abuse and wrongfully kill mofo.

  • Hey look everybody, its a cop reunion on Officer Vlad's couch.

  • LISTEN!! He said "we have to move PERSONS around" he admitting that legally black people aren't citizens.
    We been naturalized and assimilated into white america folks

  • this is an unusual interview 🤔

  • Your almost there vlad…..a couple more tests….and you'll be a real pig!

  • Slave patrol to police officers its a damn shame

  • They look nervous lol

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  • he doesn't recall the arrests or altercations because they we're probably racial profiling back in the day

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  • "IT WAS A GOOD TIME" you know they planted drugs on them and then whooped there ass for shits and giggles.

  • Vlad is a fuckin snake.

  • So the first cop throws his masonic sign up
    The triangle at the end….

  • y'all niggas actn surprised Vlad got police friends.half of Vlad subscribers are the police

  • i like the interview. y'all complain too much