Compton Gang Unit: Las Vegas PD Pressured to Make 2Pac Case “Go Away”

Compton Gang Unit members Timothy M. Brennan and Robert Ladd spoke to VladTV about Orlando Anderson, the primary suspect in the 2Pac murder case. “Orlando Anderson was a hardcore gangster. He wasn’t afraid to kill anybody,” they say. Watch above.


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  • ok here's the deal people want pac's murder solved and justice,but they don't want anyone to snitch. they want to believe orlando a person who was either in the crips or by his own admission had uncles or an uncle could not or would not want no get back. they don't want to question why pac just walked or ran up on dude and knocked shit of him some one he did not know personally was somehow not in the wrong for his actions. and to focus on the noble teachings he had or espoused in the past. why go with any elaborate conspiracies when their is a simple chain of events. he assaulted a man and later the same night he was mortally did anyone know he was gonna get caught slipping with such a grand opportunity to act. why did mob go to war with the south sides right afterwards? why kill big? he was connected via street rumor as using southsides for body guards and puff supposedly putting bounties on chains.what about travon obviously his actions would have to be dismissed if pac was not murdered due to the alleged trigger words that sent him after orlando. if orlando or his crip affiliates did not kill pac then pac's and travon's actions are irrelevant. bigs cryptic perhaps criptic reference to his team in "marine blue"would have to be ignored. also as far as killing 2pac as part of some coup what benefit would that be. 2pac was about to do the one nation album. deathrow east was in the works. why not let pac stay and finish his contract? as.fickle as people can be they had to have known that post mortem pac songs could be milked why not let him make fresh material and grow with the times or even bring in new talent? why kill your golden goose?

  • this nigga Vlad might as well get into detective work or be an active informant

  • How this nigga get 2 cops to come on his set? the Fuck?….

  • I just think they're tired of being asked the same questions

  • These dudes know exactly what happened. They were being real squirrely around those questions.

  • vlad kicking it with homies 😂

  • kkk Vlad you a rat dog

  • Lol i feel like this is going to make a lot of people check Vlad for a wire before any interviews.

  • RIP Gucci Mane 😔✝

  • Has clad gotten anyone locked up? Cuz if not then y'all gotta stop with the officer vlad shit

  • rite tho tibbs btfu

  • This settles it Orlando killed Tupac, simple retaliation. That's all folks.

  • This series is great, fuck haters.

  • These CGU interviews are epic

  • officer vlad can you investigate where is slim jesus?

  • rip PAC

  • Why was Orlando not locked up after they found ak47s at his house

  • Orlando was really with the shits..I love Pac but he fucked with the wrong man.

  • Vlad's tone is very different here… very sedate and respectful.

  • Crazy they paid Orlando after they knew he killed Pac to try and save Suge… crazy.

  • I didn't know Orlando Anderson was a defense witness for Suge's parole violation court case. So Suge basically paid the murderer of his supposed best friend to testify that Suge wasn't involved in the beat down at MGM.
    I'm sure the security camera footage made it clear that Anderson was lying. I wonder if Suge really paid him???
    Sounds crazy.

  • Pac fucked up. he stepped to an active shooter from the streets!!!

  • Officer Blondie

  • Can't wait till vlad interviews the biggie associates

  • what a crock of shit. if lvpd wanted the case to go away it would not be a open case as we speak. Compton PD withheld evidence from lvpd so they wouldn't be caught up because they were involved. these two cops are full of shit.

    look at there body language. you can tell these fuckers are lying there asses off

  • Message to the snitches: The cops just admitted that they can't guarantee you anything. Thats above their pay rate. STOP TALKING TO THE PIGS!!!!

  • The guy who runs the "Info Minds" channel is seriously plugged into all this stuff man, dude knows all the players etc… his depth of knowledge on this subject and similar subjects is amazing, ya'll should check him out.

  • DTVlad