Cody Bellinger Doesn’t Know Who Jerry Seinfeld Is | SC with SVP | June 24, 2017

21-year-old Cody Bellinger, the first rookie in MLB history with 10 home runs in 10 games, shows his age when Scott Van Pelt asks him if he knows who Jerry Seinfeld is. His answer isn’t all too surprising.

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  • lmao

  • why would he give a shit I'm 34 and from newyork and don't give a shit

  • If he would have said he knows who Jerry Seinfeld is he wouldn't have gotten his 15 minutes fame. I understand why he said he doesn't know who Seinfeld is.

  • Lol im 22 and even I know who seinfield is smh dude come on his shows still running like friends is

  • So ….

  • who the fook is that this guy?

  • Seinfeld is overated anyways

  • I would say : it's not a bad thing.


  • I'm younger than him and I know who Jerry Seinfeld is.

  • who the Fuck is jerry signfeld?

  • As a Dodgers fan, I find this encouraging. Tells me he did not waste ANY TIME in front of a TV like me. He more than likely dedicated his entire life to his craft. Which, as a Dodgers fan, I love.

  • fu*k Jerry Seinfeld!

  • wow what a dum fuk

  • That's messed up. He was just at the stadium a couple of weeks ago! Remember you hit a home run in that game (actually they doesn't help. he's hit a lot of them)

  • Im 1 year old and i know who Jerry Seinfeld is. Like my comment?

  • I'm amazed why anyone would wana know who that overated bandwagon met/cub fan is. Jerry Seinfeld?lol

  • How do you not know Barry Benson

  • the only reason I know who Sienfeld is becuz its a very famous show and all the commericals and all that. but ive never once watched that gayass show the only reason I know who he is becuz the show is so famous I don't blame bellinger if he don't know who he is lol its better not to know becuz the show is fukin garbage bullshit

  • so he's a moron. he lives under a rock and he's a moron.

  • Seinfeld is a great anime.