Chris Paul And James Harden Playing Together On Rockets | First Take | June 29, 2017

First Take debates whether Chris Paul and James Harden will be able to play well together on the Houston Rockets.

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  1. The black guy is a four time champion and a former player but his arguments are weak and doesn't back up his claims. All he says is: mentality mentality mentality. Chris Paul wants to win. Those are factors but he's not analyzing anything he just says the same thing over and over again. He's worse than Stephen a

  2. This teams next years hopes ride on pretty much two things, their defense and Chris Pauls hamstrings. If any of those go out, then they're not gonna get past Golden State.

  3. interesting…i still dont see why they would go for Chris Paul when Harden came off career best form playing as a PG. Plus he'll be back in the same position as he was in OKC this time he wont be the 3rd guy
    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: James Harden
    SF: Trevor Ariza
    PF: Ryan Anderson
    C: Clint Capela
    A super-team to compete with the Warriors! Best backcourt in basketball

  4. I understand that these guys talk about every sport and they can't have a perfect IQ in everything but Will Cain is dumb I don't think he has watched these clippers team from the past few years and how Paul was able to play with other ballhandlers.

  5. Hi First Take. I have Been watching for years now. Will needs to go. Couldn't even listen to him. Sally is GREAT!! Excellent reserve pick up!!! But Will is slightly obnoxious and has no background history to base debate from. I'd love to see a debate between Sally and Max!!! That is something I would watch, not this…#Next

  6. Chris is going to regret leaving LA for H-Town. He is going to miss the weather and his celebrity friends. He single-handedly destroyed any possibility of a Banana Boat Crew Reunion in SoCal over a 5th year / $45M that wasn't offered to him.

    At least Chris should thank ClipperNation and the SoCal community for our support with a letter or message like Jimmy did for Chicago. I will laugh if the Clippers win a title before he does. He walked away from the richest and most generous owner and greatest exec ever over money. The nepotism comes second..

    Watch when Houston is stuck with that albatross contract. Throughout the history of the NBA, no point guard at over 35 has ever received that amount. He wants to play for a contender but his contract will suffocate their cap space.

    You are going to miss LA, Chris. Bad move by you. Should have opted in and waited another year on what LeBron might do. Everybody Hates Chris… ⛵

  7. you can stagger their minutes so it's always one of them on the floor orchestrating the offense…they'll start and end games together but having one of the two out their most of the game is a great look for the Rockets…This is a WCF's team.

  8. look at klay and Steph. one plays defense one doesn't and it still works yeah klay has a more complacent personality but maybe chris needs to change instead of James in order to win a ring

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