Chinese Mixian Is the Next Big Noodle Soup | Food Skills

NYC is already a noodle-lover’s paradise. But there’s a new dish closing in on the city’s ramen and soba shops: Chinese mixian. Made from fermented rice noodles, and found in China’s Yunnan Province, mixian can be seen as a light, fragrant relative to pho. At Little Tong Noodle Shop, chef Simone Tong pairs her mixian with home-style chicken broth, fermented chiles, and Chinese tea eggs. Covered with edible flowers, and topped with items like chicken confit and minced pork, mixian is as beautiful as it is hearty.

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  1. Hey, what happened to that show that used to be on here, the show where one of your hosts went around the US and did 20-minute stories on different food trends like Mumbo Sauce, Lemon Pepper wings, Jamaican Meat Pies, and Black-owned small Taco operations. That was a great show I always looked forward to. Are you bringing it back?

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