Chelsea Attends LGBTQ Sensitivity Training | Chelsea | Netflix

Chelsea learns how to talk to her gay staff without offending them.

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Chelsea Handler’s back with her unfiltered mix of politics, celebrities, travel, and not giving a #$!%. A new episode streams every Friday, only on Netflix.

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Chelsea Attends LGBTQ Sensitivity Training | Chelsea | Netflix



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  1. If anyone wants a nerdy fact about cis and trans: cis comes from the Latin "on the same side", and trans comes from the Latin, "on the other side of".
    You've probably heard of trans-fat,, which unlike trans people, are inherently bad for you. They're called this because half of the molecule is on the upper side, and half is on the lower side.

  2. why am i always attracted to the straight guy? jesus, at this rate im gonna be single forever…or be like Bill Cosby and put str8 men to sleep and have my way with them xD

  3. (L)esbian – someone who identifies as female and only has romantic/sexual attractions towards other female identified people

    (G)ay – someone who identifies as male and only has romantic/sexual attractions towards other male identified people

    (B)isexual – someone who is romantically and sexually attracted to multiple genders

    (T)ransgender – someone who does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth

    (Q)ueer/uestioning – someone who either does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth or has some form of same gender attraction and does not identify as transgender/gay/lesbian/bi (see; non binary, pansexual)

    the other letters that people usually hear are
    (I)ntersex – someone who is born with any of several variations in sex characteristics such as chromosomes, gonads, hormones, and genitals
    and (A)sexual – someone who lacks sexual attraction to others regardless of gender identity
    but not all intersex people consider themselves to be apart of the LGBTQ community and people who identify as asexual are not inherently queer thus do not belong to the LGBTQ community (unless they also identify as transgender or have some form of same gender attraction)

    a good way to make sure you're including everyone in the community is to just say LGBTQ+ (plus)

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