Charles Barkley Says Carmelo Anthony Should Ask For Trade | First Take | June 27, 2017

The First Take crew discusses Charles Barkley’s comments saying that New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony should ask to be traded.

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  • Thumbs up 👍👍👍 to John Sally, I agree with you 100% "A New Yorker wants to win in New York". Thumbs up to Melo, Let's do it, let's go Knicks!!!!!

  • Who cares what happens to Melo, i'm trying to get at Lala or the Redbone shawty on the panel

  • Not saying Melo can win in NY, but just everything about Will Cain is beyond annoying lol

  • JJ

    Knicks fan here. It ain't happening in NY anytime soon. If the Knicks actually want to rebuild properly, get rid of him and Noah. Hell, can they buyout both? I would. Then their cap space would be freed up, right?

  • Melo is getting a check either way.. As a Knicks fan, I believe every player turns to 💩 when signing with that organization.. If Melo plays with Cleveland , he's definitely going to be greater player..

  • he also took the job knowing it will end his love life with Jeanie bus… that is another evidence of distraction he's brought on himself

  • Go home John Sally

  • I prefer Will any day over that chode Max kellerman. Wills been rocking it this week.

  • I like John Sally

  • John Sally sounds straight up delusional here, Carmelo DOES NOT think he is going to win in New York, he isn't that retarded

  • hate watching without sas

  • i cant stand this dude. Will is so annoying he stay talking bad about thes players when he knows nothing.

  • Chuck did it for money after Phoenix he wasn't doing it for winning. there's only a couple of things it could be in the NBA 1.its about money 2.its about winning 3.its to play with certain players 4.its about playing for your home team & finishing your career there. so no it's not about bullshit respect or anything stupid like that

  • Melo doesn't give a fuck about winning!!

  • Anthony has dropped out of the top 30

  • Sally is missing the point. You can't build around Melo because his contract is too big. He's also a ball stopper so guys don't particularly want to play with him either.

  • John knows basketball

  • Its not melo it's phil jackson fault. Dolan was better off hiring Mark Jackson as Head Coach and assistant GM. Donnie Walsh VP and steve mills GM.

  • Who is this Nutt disrespecting John Sally and why is he on here? You're going to lose 90% of your viewers with this guy. The other 3 are great.

  • Get off Melo nutz everybody just bash KD for chasing a ring Melo wanted to come home left Denver and came to the Knicks is it his fault the Knicks couldn't pur a team around him Melo don't give a dam and winning a ring he just always wanted to play in MSG he got that so if the man wants to stay there and never win a ring what s the dam problem the man is rich so it dam sure ain t about the money maybe he just being loyal to a franchise that he wanted to play for

  • Let's make it clear: Carmelo is no longer the player he was a few years ago. He is on a decline in performance. I see him as a valuable bench player as he can score. I think he can be valuable in this role for the Cavs. I don't think he can be a starter on a team like the Cavs or Celts and expect him to be successful.

  • Johh Sally is clearly high.

  • loser bro..

  • When I was younger I though Melo would get a ring befor LBJ I was a dumbass

  • Carmelo is not a HOF. He wasted his opportunity. He's just a good player with a name from his generation. I wouldn't put him in the HOF.

  • hey short, microdick having, ex wall street loudmouth – knicks DO have their 1st round pick next year you goddamn moron. no one knows what ntilikina will be yet. And youre a smug little prick

  • John sally is still alive wtf

  • Non of this shit matters melo is going to get bought out and sign with either spurs,okc or cavs

  • If y'all ain't from New York don't be trying to act like u know what u talking only New Yorkers can truly understand what melo has been through as a child and why he is a actual New Yorker

  • John Salley dumb ass mustve forgot Alonzo came BACK to Miami after they got Shaq and Wade. He wasnt the main guy in Miami in 2004-2006 smh