Charlamagne Thinks God Might Be a Woman + Explains Why His Spirituality is Key to His Success

Charlamagne Tha God sat down with Bobby Bones to discuss his new book Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It, which is now a New York Times Best-seller.

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  1. he talks about that situation with Mayweather in a couple interviews, what the hell ?!? was i under a rock when his happened?! i need to go find it.

  2. Gods are created in the minds of men, so god is who or whatever people want it to be.

    The idea that there is a "higher power" or "supreme creator" has yet to be demonstrated. So until then (if ever) it will all be opinion. Period.

    My outlook is, whatever people need to get out of bed and make them better to their fellow man and creatures, go for it…

  3. I was with him until he started shuckin and jikin about Football. Being blackballed means that Colin doesn't have a choice, he's being forced…stop playing dumb. He knows how the system works and like many other poc, unwilling to sacrifice for the greater good. His argument is like saying, boycotting the Montgomery bus system, was interfering with God being able to show the boycotters an alternative route to work…Stop with the lies.

  4. Thank goodness he gave that guy a DIFFERENT perspective about "boycotting".I will be watching my Cowboys but if there's anything to support Colin-i will do that as well.

  5. Funny how many people in the comments keep putting forth their ideas of what god is, yet god him/her/itself remains silent.

    And since god remains silent, until you can demonstrate your god, he/she/it is whatever you imagine it to be. I'll continue in my disbelief.

  6. God is neither man or woman. God is Everything and in Everything. I can't believe people still believe in black or white God or man or female God. Just BELIEVE and stop making judgements 🙏❤

  7. I don't think god is any gender the whole point is it isn't a human, it's omnipotent & omnipresence which is beyond realms of this world.

  8. I've done tones of public speaking events and reading crowds is now second nature. And I get the sense that this crowd is curious and possibly intellectual.

  9. Idk who Bobby Bones is, but I didn't like him in this interview. He doesn't know how to properly follow up on his questions and the way he cuts from topic to topic felt too janky and awkward. There was no flow to this, and that particularly stands out because CTG is always about having conversations and Bobby is making this an "interview".

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