Chance the Rapper reportedly pressured MTV News to remove a bad review about his concert.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Chance the Rapper reportedly pressuring MTV News to remove a bad review about his concert.
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  • Heres a bad joke about the migos Budden fight: Joe budden bout to drop a disstrack on the microphone he dropped because it dropped harder than any of his joints

  • Gambino > Chance

  • MTV had some dread head niggas in they lobby😂😂

  • Akademiks reaching these days.. Its slow news day with all his recent posts.

  • these dudes act like females on they rag.

  • why has there not been a new everyday struggle episode?

  • Wow fuck chance the rapper..

  • ever since chance stopped acid he was never the same, lame simp

  • chance about about to tell akademiks to deletes this

  • chance is trash there i said it

  • Chance is overrated and corny.

  • Fuck Chance & his small clothing..

  • Yo this nigga chance is not that good…

  • yup and just like that I lost my respect for chance. I hope this video don't get deleted too. anyway he's related to vic mensa.

  • Whatever they should've put him in his place and said stop being a lil bitch. theneedledrop wouldn't have folded; his critiques are way harsher

  • bro theres a good chance his management made the decision for him or even its all bs. The signs don't even add up. Unless the guy goes into detail about feeling emotionally disconnected from Chance's belief and portrayal of his religion imbedding that he has no problem with it.

  • sensitive little bitch

  • this why niggas need to take control of the industry.

  • When a good rapper isnt on top he's underrated but when he gets big he's overrated? You niggas are something else.

  • Do y'all know what reportedly means

  • chance is better than all these new rappers and DJ whatever his name he nobody and same person who listen to migos and do not listen to 2pac. Same person that almost got his ass whip Vic Mensa talking about Chicago quit hiding behind computer maybe Joe was right

  • You fucked up Ak, now chance will never come on to everyday struggle

  • I don't see the problem, that want to benefit off your talent but shit on you? That's the perk of being independent you can say who you want to work with.

  • You can't really be shocked that chance said that. I mean he's one of the few independent major artists of the industry. He's already getting hate by labels because he won't sign with them. Of course he's gonna make himself wanna look good all the time. He got no choice. If he fucks up and get a bad name then he's done for good as an artist.

  • That jacket hard doe in the thumbnail somebody give me the brand name

  • More like chance the punk bitch

  • Why does this nigga always have a hat on?

  • Really that's boss shit. He a grown man if he don't wanna work with people who wanna talk down on him cuz that's the only thing they can find

  • This is why music sucks so hard now. ESPECIALLY rap.

  • its whack on both ends