Chance The Rapper Apologizes To Dr. Dre

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  • Chance the Singer!

  • big deal…

  • Dre has merely sold out repeatedly. He runs nothing and impedes the culture.

  • Dr dre and interscope are the machine and you can't go against them.

  • bet it was some white cultured geek hipsters chance had do the LED production and design and they sneaked that shit in. now he gotta take responsibility for it. They always taking L's when it come to the culture

  • Mr Hankey accent

  • Not feeling this chance's attitude lately. Nigga stick with being positive.
    First you wanted HBO to fire Bill, so I guess you against freedom of speech, now you throwing shade on Dre? Nigga what is with the hate?

  • Johnny depp been off a xanax bar , and a glass of wine for the last 20 years.

    This man has morphed into a suburban mother….smh

  • so basically chance dont want those problems

  • So wtf did he do it in the first place? He knew what tf he was doing🙄🙄

  • Katy perry is a culture vulture. I don't want her on BC.

  • the breakfast club cast is aging😥😥

  • Chance corny as shit.

  • Except DRE is a womanizer and an abuser…..that you just apologized to for all he's done for the culture. You're right, lots more womanizers and women beaters today than ever before. Thanks Dr. Dre!

  • I'm tired of shook celebs penning political ass-kissing apology essays every time they come under fire. What ever happened to being real, simplifying and moving on? Hence: "I didn't even notice those signs. Besides, Dre's an OG. I would never co-sign anything disrespecting him. Next question."

  • Katy Perry is a suspected white supremacist.

  • Broke lives matter

  • someone needs to hurry up and drown trump in a septic tank designed for pigs!


  • Chronic is a top 5 rap album of all-time !!!

  • love love the breakfast club

  • JB

    All that Katy Perry ass kissing and singing her song every friday for nothing.

  • pussy ass chance

  • I get why you like this light skin fool but cmon, hed get bodied by eminem & kendrick.

  • Chance aint as good as he thinks

  • The voice Charlamagne used to mock Katy Perry sounded like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo from South Park lol

  • this nigga is garbage

  • sit ya autistic rapping ass down

  • Little ugly nigga….get yo ass beat….

  • yes

  • sorry Katy Perry is overrated what would she have to say on the show?

  • This dudes wack, he was hoping that graphic would blow up and get him a bunch of publicity and then prettily tried to blow it up by apologizing to dre?? Did dre even know about that graphic? He missed the bar alright , what a loser

  • Chance doesn't respect Hip Hop

  • Idk when that award came out, but offtop Michael Jackson holds all real music sale records. And I don't have to look up shit

  • He corny for dissing aftermath smh just sit down and be humble chance


  • Breakfast club needs to put Monique on the show

  • First

  • that voice Charlemagne does when hes imitating katy perry sounds like mr. hankey from south park lol XD

  • Chance is the Savior for hip hop!