Celtics Blew It By Not Looking Into Jimmy Butler On Draft Night | First Take | June 26, 2017

First Take debates whether the Boston Celtics blew it by not looking into Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler on 2017 NBA Draft night.

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  • What the hell are these guys talking about?! I live in Chicago and am a big Bulls fan. Jimmy Butler NEVER has had rumors or issues with teammates. No player has EVER talked poorly about him as a teammate. In fact, it's always the opposite! These so call "analyts" don't know anything! Jimmy Butler has been a great teammate and player because he always gives it his all on both ends. You may say, well I don't know anything either about what goes on in a locker room. You would be correct. BUT in the NBA and sports whenever there is a bad teammate, it comes out easily to the press. Jimmy Butler was loved by the teammates and the fans because he is a top 10 player and a top 5 two-way player in the NBA. Look at the the statistics that prove that. I'm sad to see him go but I wish him the best. John Paxon and our GM Gar Forman need to get fired.

  • Sources say Butler nixed the trade to Boston because he wanted a trade to Toronto. After that fell through his next option was Minnesota.

  • Trash analysts put dennis rodman and kim jong un on here

  • Why should he be fired? He is making the very obvious observation in that Chicago hosed themselves by dealing Butler to Minnesota and getting an injured player, plus another that shot 28% from the field! Plus Lavine is going to leave Chicago once he clears the injury reserve protocol! He is an announcer and not just a "white" guy expressing his observation!

  • Ainge wants players like Love, Olynyk, Zeller, Gordon Hayward, Jerebko, Scalibrine, Aerosmith, Trump Jr., Willy Wonka,.. if you catch my drift. Ain't nobody trying to see 80's Celtics Basketball.

  • P H

    bulls trade butler Taj to western conference cause they don't want to face them 2 in the east they want to weaken the weak east

  • Who the fuck are the Celtics waiting for? Dwayne Wade? 😅😅

  • P H

    bulls locker room been divided since rose boozer Noah butler the front office started it hoeberg lied on Noah

  • 2:41 lebron in the locker rooms during the finals anyone???

  • Foreman and Paxson need to fucking go.

  • O yeah timberwolves are gonnna make it 2 the finals I live in Minnesota we did great last year I think we can make it #FuckWarrios #fuckCAVS

  • We didn't want jimmy butler. Simple as that. Why trade for him when we can go for Hayward in FA.

  • Where's the talk about Minnesota?

  • Fire GarPax

  • Celtics are building for future not next 2-3 years

  • Or… maybe they weren't entirely willing to give their best player to a competitive rival team when they could at the very least start building a young core from players out of other conferences.

  • The Celtics are trying to build for the future; but the problem is, since they didn't make any moves that will make them stronger, even if those picks turn into good players, by the time they're ready, Isaiah and Horford will be too old so the Celtics will be minus two stars.

  • you kidding me? these guys are much better. a joy compared to those other two. people just want the most annoying people on tv apparently

  • Where does ESPN find these substitutes at?

  • People don't get that the Cavs and the Warriors are a lock for the next couple years. The Bulls are rebuilding because they know that even trying to be competitive doesn't get you past the Cavs.

  • tf is this ? i miss stephen a and max's yelling

  • If im Boston i wouldnt have even entertained the idea for Jimmy. What does Jimmy do for the Celtics? At best he makes them the 2nd best team in the league so trading future assets that can turn into stars doesnt make any sense.

  • nah they dont need butler. i doubt the celt players like him. butler is a team chemistry destroyer.