Cavaliers Willing To Deal For Paul George | SportsCenter | ESPN

Dave McMenamin explains why the Cavaliers would be willing to deal for Paul George without the assurance he would stay long term and what LeBron James likes most about George’s game.

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  • As a Laker fan, I don't see what he sees in the Lakers, but I'll take him lol.

  • Paul george go to cavs and cp3 go to Spurs

  • I fuck with PG but if he go to Cleveland its a KD move

  • goodluck warriors

  • For what? What are they going to trade to get him?

  • Of course cavs are willing, this is their best chance of beating the warriors, question is why would pacers do it.

  • PG is going to the Lakers, you heard it here first

  • If Paul George go to cavs niggas going to be like he did the same as kd lose to the team then jump on their team

  • Haha niggas calling GSW a super team haha But yet LEBRON went for Kevin Love and now PG13 hahaha don't forget we made our talent n we only added KD like n yes he's super good but nigga he chose to come to a team who built them selves from the bottom. #GSW #FuckLebronCryBabyAss

  • fuck Paul George we need thon maker I'm telln u

  • y would the pacers wanna trade a winner for sum losers that proven that don't have what it takes. if they can't win with bron how they gunna bring wins to ne body else.

  • I'd love to see pg go to the Lakers and help hem out, but since gsw added kd and now they have a super team, I think Paul should go to the cavs. why send Paul to the Lakers, the east is going to be more weak and no doubt in mind that gsw is going to lose in the WCF, just another ring for gsw. it would only be good for actual warriors fans

  • Only chance Cavs have is to trade Kyrie for Lonzo Ball.

  • p/g would even out the floor dudley has to work twice as hard with geroge on the floor

  • why does LeBron need more help? He will never be even better than Kobe

  • LOL PG13 on Lakers

  • trade love rj shump and channing for pg13

  • It hasnt even happen yet why these warriors fans complaining?

  • No matter what, the Cavs have no chance in hell for the next 3 years in beating the Warriors unless they do some miracle shit and sign Melo, Chris Paul, Paul George and Jordan.

    The fucking Warriors are NOT even over the salary cap and are 10 folds ahead of the Cavs and 100 folds ahead of the rest of the league plus KD is taking a salary cut so now they keeping Shaun Livingston and Andre Igoudala.

  • S M

    No matter who Cleveland gets they still won't beat Golden State. Golden State is the definition of a team. Golden State plays as a team. They aren't selfish. They pass the ball. Move the ball around. Make the extra pass. Play beautiful defense… They operate flawlessly. Even before they got KD they were the best team. With Cleveland their problem is letting Lebron control EVERYTHING! I don't see a team in Cleveland to be brutally honestly. They depend on Lebron 100%. I'm also starting to see that Lebron can't be coached. What I mean by this is its either his way or the highway.. You can't hope to play like Golden State or even have hopes of beating them if the entire system of your team falls on 1 player. Even if Cleveland got Chris Paul a true PG and Paul George a great SG, they would still lose solely off of the fact that Lebron needs the ball in his hands 100% of the time, forcing other players like Chris Paul to play out of their comfort zones. Notice how when superstar players go and play with Lebron they are forced to change up their game and not play the way they truly play, all because they have to adjust to Lebrons system. It's simple really. If Cleveland wants any chance of beating Golden State they have to play AS A TEAM! Cleveland already has a super team. So it has nothing to do with Cleveland not having enough great players or not having enough help. But more to do with Cleveland not playing as a team nor even looking as a team. Clevelands entire system can't be just 1 man running everything. They need to get ride of that Lebron system and convince Lebron to play as a team. Simple as that.