Cavaliers Could Get Paul George, Carmelo Anthony And Dwyane Wade | First Take | June 26, 2017

First Take kicks off talking about the ESPN report that the Cleveland Cavaliers could possibly acquire Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade.

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  • Hypothetical question – If Mike Krzyzewski (USA Olympic Head Coach and Duke Head Coach) became the coach of the cavs, do you think Lebron would still want to run the team his way? Or do you think he would let one of the greatest and most respected basketball minds ever take over the team?

  • That starting lineup is the ultimate small ball: Uncle Drew, The Flash, Melo, PG13, The King / The Chosen One

  • this white guy always wrong wtf he even on the show

  • Kyrie Pg, Wade Sg, LeBron Sf, George at pf, Carmelo Anthony won't fit in as much.

  • I think d wade go to cavs😊

  • Where is OSN man.. Get his dumbass

  • LEBRON, MELO, and WADE plus the under 30 PAUL GEORGE will be destructive to the opponents! .. They all can defend! What's more, and what's even better is they all can surely score! .. They all can score in iso, post-up, beyond the arc, and of course in transition! .. will someone please shut this will cain up! .. this fucked up dude is too annoying with his analysis!

  • Stupid ass fuck? They could smash the warriors

  • You are a stupid dumb fuck

  • And the warriors have 1 all star, he's a fucking snake

  • it doesnt matter anyways because we only really need one of them. and another big. we dont need to change our team, we just need to be better, and we will. i would recommend trying to trade for George and either Faried or Cousins as well

  • Espn please fire Will Cain. He is utterly annoying me the most stupidest sports analyst in the business!!!!!!

  • wish upon a star

  • he driding warriors hard af

  • Carmelo, J R, Korver and frye verse Livingston and Iggy????

  • There is something wrong with Will Cain who cares if they are over 30 years old I agree that they Should leave George cuz he wants to go to LA But Did U forget about Paul Pierce Ray Allen Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo and you're just gonna sit their and say that they are aging What About The Mavs of 2011 Jason Kidd Jason Terry Tyson Chandler Dirk . And Let's not forget the San Antonio Spurs in 2014 Duncan Parker and Ginobli were about to start CONSIDERING retirement after they got their 5th rings. Have you Forgotten that D Wade and LeBron James Connection that Started in Miami ? Have you Forgetten that Carmelo And LeBron were the young stars along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of 2003 . Your only valid argument is what they do if Injuries hit these 2 Carmelo and Dwyane and Possibly Paul George. Just Stop!!! Carmelo didn't have enough help in New York Ok ? It's not that He's out of his prime but It's about not getting enough help . I admit he's not the scorer and player he was but hey that's what happens to Every great player unless you finish out your career in San Antonio.

  • this white dude don't know basketball,he stupid

  • Who the fuck is this white piece of trash

  • man people really doubt those superstars playing as a team together to cover the "okay" bench that doesn't score as many points as they should.. thats retarded tbh

  • this man crazy Paul George carmello and wade golden state dead they would beat the shit out the warriors this guy has no brains at all the warriors ain't that good melo post up game George outside inside game and LeBron James and Kyrie. He smoking crack

  • that guy gotto to be a Cunt ,with Paul George, D Wayde , Carmelo , Kyrie & Lebron , you telling me that's not enough power to take out golden State, smh !!

  • This guy is nuts!!!!! all of those great players. They would destroy the Warriors.

  • Everyone keeps on talking about Paul George going to the Cavs but how can the Cavs get PG? What can they give to the Pacers that they agree to that trade, cause the Pacers wouldn't be interested in Love.

  • this white guy is a idiot

  • This guy is high