Cardi B Gets Gang Threats On Instagram For Dissing Crips

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  1. im so confused… what Speech said is so simple to understand, makes total sense and i totally agree. Maybe just too deep and real for some. Plus its kinda hard to see what he's saying when you guys have your head so far up these celebs asses

  2. You can always tell who just became Cuz or Blood no longer than 5 yrs ago. They still on that color shit, right along with that substituting letters shit. Smh

    OG's don't stunt that dumbness

  3. Coming from a NY nigga I always found gangs to be just monikers around here. Everyone around here says their crip, blood, with the exception of Latin kings and ms13(you just don’t say that shit if it isnt true). Locs and B’s around her just say they are and just use a crew for back up when they have social media beef. Unlike the west coast where that is actually real where is on sight red vs blue etc. not in all cases of course. Rappers don’t stop gang affiliation from making music with each other. YG and nipsey do songs. most of NYC gang culture hella fabricated.

  4. Fax! Cardi B gotta relax! I live in Cali & niggaz don't even disrespect each other sets like that anymore off rip ! Y.G was dead serious when he said #DontCometoLA
    Staples Center is in the middle of downtown L.A…..
    Surrounded by crips, Bloods, 18 st, & MS13 !
    Shit is still active out here!🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Congrats to JD for being inducted into the HOF!!! Honestly, I've never been a JD guy but I am a fan of "BOSS" acts and JD is that guy who make BOSS moves!!! This dude, JD, has written songs for so many people and has produced so many #1 hits to where YouTube will make a "character limitation" on how much to type cuz yeah, it's that fucking long!!! He should've easily been the 1st induction, instead of JZ, no disrespect to JZ, but congrats again to JD, one of the South's AND Hip Hop's true king!!!

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