CANELO WARNS GOLOVKIN HE WILL PROVE WHO HAS “THE REAL” MEXICAN STYLE was on hand at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, California where former world champion Canelo Alvarez and undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin made the final stop in the multi-city press tour to promote their highly-anticipated September 16 showdown. Check out the scene as Canelo shared his thoughts on Golovkin, the fight, and much more.


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  • well said champ


  • lil g fans 2 excuses after loss.
    ggg was old
    this fight was fixed

  • Well the real mexican style is brawling, you're a boxer and don't brawl. Golovkin will come after you. You can run all the circles you want. There's only one guy in there that will come forward with the mexican style and it definitely won't be Canelo as it isn't his style.

  • he should be able to speak english now…

  • if he goes toe to toe with ggg hes getting knocked out, simple as.

  • canello to win

  • Be humble motherfucker cuz u might be in for a hell of a ride

  • he Will kiss de Canvas , the beast Is coming for you,you áre Next my friend

  • canvas

  • GGG clams Mexican style not white you racist ass GGG fans get off his dick you idiots

  • Canelo = Fights Slick Like Floyd (Historic Black Fighters)
    GGG = Fights more like a Stagnant but tough Mexican Fighter (Maybe has the better jab)

  • It's gonna be awesome watching Canelo get backed up all night.This is a stylistic nightmare for him.

  • Ggg beats canelo like he did jacobs and lemiuex. Stiff jab and taking away canelos power right hand. But I do see canelo landing some beautiful counter shots here and there. Tko by 11 or 12 round

  • Those 2 guys next to Canelo 0.58, are so rude and annoying. There always next to him eyeballing everything he says, does or whoever comes near him. Who are they? Are they part of Golden Boy?

  • After this fight, hopefully Trump deports this fraud.

  • Canelo stfu you wont even stand infront of Triple G . You are going to be running away like Floyd Mayweather