CANELO FIRED UP AND NOT BACKING DOWN FROM GOLOVKIN; RIPS OFF COMBO AFTER INTENSE FACE OFF IN LA was on hand at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, California where former world champion Canelo Alvarez and undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin made the final stop in the multi-city press tour to promote their highly-anticipated September 16 showdown. Check out the scene as both fighters came face to face for the final during the tour.

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  • I want to see GGG'S brother fight. Apparently he is the more gifted fighter.

  • The tecate boobs face off would have more views.

  • IoooI I don't see how Canelo could beat GGG if Jacobs didn't. GGG is twice as fast as effective than Canelo. GGG can box in counterpunching and offensive at the same time. Only Jacobs could've beaten him. Unfortunately most of people looked at the knock down that made Jacobs loose the fight.
    GGG will want to retire undefeated and it's not a dream that Canelo hands his second defeat.

  • I'm betting my 2015 Cherokee SRT on Canelo for a 2010 Porche 911 from a stupid ggg fan. Y'all don't know shit about boxing.

  • he actually looks nervous

  • FIGHTERS CANELO HAS FACED:MayweatherLaraCottoTroutMosleyKirklandChavezJR
    FIGHTERS GGG HAS FACED:Taxi DriversUber DriversLyft DriversForklift DriversLimo Drivers

  • Does anybody else cringe at Canelo

  • ggg wins to powerful for canelo

  • Why did the MC say for the undisputed Middleweight Championship of the world??? I'm sure there isn't a undisputed champion until GGG beats BJS. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • canelo no vale vega puro pinche GGG

  • Come on Canelo!!!

  • Who care about boxing

  • Canelo will do something to GGG that no one has ever done before and that is hammer him with bodyshots. I remember seeing a video where someone in Abel's gym said GGG was knocked down in sparring with a bodyshot. GGG might have a granite chin, but he cannot take bodyshots. Even Jacobs said when he hit GGG to the body GGG was groaning in pain. Canelo will batter his body and break him down.

  • GGG still the man , i dont get why theres a sudden change in opinion… he still a dangerous mf, canelo too stationery an flat footed half time .. ggg will crack hias jaw opwn

  • I don't feel much animosity between the two if at all, the two are fairly good friends and this will be a gentleman's match.

  • Canelo your in trouble.
    You couldn't beat mayweather and mayweather ducked ggg.
    You will all see in sept how bad canelo is gonna get hurt.

  • Canelo is already breaking down mentally. he's doing stuff he's never done against fighters he can beat a la Khan. GGG is relaxed like he got this in the bag. plus Jacobs is bigger than Canelo

  • ggg gona take it round 7 or there abouts …stoppage ……lights out.

  • Canelo 🇲🇽🇲🇽 blacks and browns united 👊🏽 fuck all those haters

  • GGG looking like somebody's hitman

  • canelo, oh no baby what is you doin?! lol

    leave those combos for the real fight sugar.

    GGG has no idea wtf is going on, he's probably thinking "I'm just going to smile and wave"
    I swear GGG could be in a room that's set on fire and he'll still be smiling and thinking "relax, this is life"

    how could anyone hate this humble monster??

  • GGG is going to kill Canelo….I was for Canelo, out boxing him because he has the skills to, but he's Mexican and if he moves his feet and uses lateral movement he will be looked as if he ran while GGG will be coming forward because he wants big drama show Mexican style

  • only thing fired up about Canelo is that fucking redhead that makes him look like a rooster

  • this GGG well break canelo's red head bcz he dont know about Asian power!!

  • will someone get that bitch Lopez outta there please!!

  • too mesmerized with the Tecate sponsors-what happened again??

  • We will see on September 16 Canelo how moves himself, we know all the GGG knocks you down you stupid

  • Hate to say it GGG in 7 rounds Alvarez gettn put to sleep early….

  • Real Warriors