Can Markelle Fultz Lead The 76ers? | SportsCenter | ESPN

Seth Greenberg is skeptical of Markelle Fultz’s ability to elevate teammates around him and lead the 76ers’ locker room

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  • I don't think they should draft Markelle Fultz number 1 I'd go with either Lonzo or De'Aaron Fox. Maybe even Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum

  • Simmons and Embiid are the leaders

  • true

  • Hater alert. If and when we become successful, I am going to come back to this video and lmao. Trust The Process

  • I'm not a fan of this trade for 2 reason 1. giving Celtics protected draft picks 2. Josh Jackson is available so why not draft him and then try to get Josh Hart as the 2 guard next to him both are explosive 3 and D players so I really think they screwed this up!!! instead they gave up trade assets to build around the players they draft and ability to react to a major injury and possibility to attract a big time free agent to help develop these players!!!

  • with Fultz, Simmons and Embiid Sixers could be a dynasty ready to make playoffs nxt yr and win championships in 3yrs. depends on health. all 3 are special talents.

  • Who tf hired these people to espn, obviously this fat fuck doesnt watch basketball. 1 Person cant make the team, and the girl is hopping on his dick acting she knows what he's talking about.

  • This guy can go fuck himself u just my sixers

  • dog

    when the sixers are parading in philadelphia after sweeping the Larriors next year, ill come back to this video

  • Not sure why I expected a talking head on ESPN to say anything other than "yeah but he only won nine games". In case you were wondering, lazy takes like this is why people don't watch your irrelevant network anymore.

  • Look at Ben Simmons no.1 pick lsu was bad

  • This nigga dumb af, the rest of his team was trash. He can't beat them going 1 v 5

  • 76ers Bucks Timberwolves are building something for the future! Fultz was a one man show so what he won 9 games, none of his on that team was a lottery pick lucky a late 2nd rounder lebron terms he needed more help Ctfu

  • This is more than one level beyond ridiculous… u can put the best leader in the world and he could make his teammates 100 times better but that still can be not enough…

  • Lol this fool said Ben simmons was gonna be the best player in the world at one point but when he played for LSU they didn't make the tournament so that logic only applies to Fultz apparently. I'm not even a 76ers fan but i can tell that Fultz is gonna be a hell of a player. Regardless what his college career was

  • he not the leader…..he is not brought in to be leader….

  • the team is one….every one will step up and lead….you Dick ball

  • how does this dude even have a job …

  • No because ben simmons is there

  • Ben Simmons running the offense set up fultz for 1 v 1 and good shots with embid attacking the boards I honestly Like this team going forward

  • Does he not understand every single player other than fultz sucked on tht Washington team literally every player was fucking trash

  • Okafor won the damn NCAA title and Won us 9 games his rookie season. Look where that got us. NBA is where the real shit goes down and if you have the skill sets to compete at that level, everything else doesn't matter. And "trust the process" "only been 10 years"? Boy if you don't sit down!

  • Lol all these people saying embiid will lead the team as if this is 10 years ago when big men ran the nba… You need a ball handler to be the leader… Not a big man.

  • as soon as a player going to Philly NOW HE'S BAD lmao fuck the media this the guy who said Ingram should be number 1 and he would win ROTY.


  • Ben simmons will be the man in philly he was suppose to be the magic johnson of the 76ers they should go for someone like fox

  • Yo these people dont know what the hell they are talking about.

  • I just have a feeling this is going to be another Westbrook Harden and Durant situation they're all going to be in their Prime Simmons, embiid and fultz and they're not going to have enough cap room to pay all three of those guys and somebody's going to have to be the odd man out and eventually I think it would be fultz. as well as Minnesota with towns LaVine and Wiggins but to be honest I think Wiggins is really not that great I think Levine has an edge over you could say the same for Milwakee with Giannis, Jabari and Thon maker

  • Stfu your bald and fat life must suck

  • Smooth dickhead!!

  • Anyone who passes on lonzo ball will rue the day. He's the best player in the draft. He was the Gatorade player of the year in High school. he was national freshman of the year. And will be the best player in the draft.

  • embiid simmoms and fultz the 76ers doing lowkey what the warriors did this could be a monster team in bout 3 or 4 years all 3 of those players can possibly become superstars watch out

  • He will be electrifying dont listen to this clown.

  • j

    It's a fair criticism that he wasn't a winner in college, it could translate to the NBA, and his leadership should be questioned. However, Fultz was surrounded by lackluster talent, and Washington's record shouldn't reflect too negatively on him. OKAFOR won a championship with Duke, that has yet to provide major advantages to his NBA game.

    P.S. Greenberg lost credibility when he mocked "Trust the Process" saying, "it's only about 10 years old." It only took 4 seasons for the Sixers to create a starting roster of:

    PG Ben Simmons
    SG/PG Markelle Fultz
    SF Robert Covington
    PF Dario Saric
    C Joel Embiid.

    Take a look at the 30 NBA teams, go through them and come up with a list of MORE THAN 10 teams that wouldn't trade their current roster for the Sixers. Good Luck!

  • This fat ass dude doesn't know wtf he talking about he's gonna be fine doesn't have to "be that guy"

  • Good move by the 76ers. The only thing that'll stop their growth is everyone's health.

  • Simmons and Embid are the leaders. Markelle will just be a superstar on the team, a scorer. Ben will run the offense, and Embid will do his thing getting boards, scoring and defense

  • Trust the process.

  • XVY

    What the fuck? how can he lead a team full of nobodies, like how? Lebron is a top 5 player of all time didn't we just see him lose 4-1 while averaging a tripe-double? It doesn't matter who you are and how good you are, basketball is a 5 on 5 game, and this guy deserves the n1 pick IMO, I hope we see philly back on top.

  • Shut the fuck up. It was college. They played on trash teams. They won the amount of games they did because they were playing. They would have been worse without them. Show me a college team that only had one good player that made it from a major conference to the ncaa tourney. I hate how they make up critiques that aren't universal. Ben Simmons gonna win rookie of the year and the sixers will be much better than last year.

  • This clown.

  • trust the tank processes only trash tank

  • 10 years old??? the process just ended its 4th year bucko. fuk this cranky old guy

  • Celtics win in this trade if Fultz is a bust

  • Its 5 years no? And hinkie said 5 6 years, maybe im wrong, kind of a hater calvo

  • her voice is so annoying

  • fultz is overrated coming from a rockets I think lonzo ball will have a bigger impact on the team that picks him more than the rest of the top 5 picks