Buckshot on Working with Eminem, Eminem Almost Signing to Duck Down

Boot Camp Clik rapper Buckshot opened up to VladTV about living with epilepsy and the effect Aaliyah’s death had on him. On epilepsy, he says, “It’s an electrical storm…Just to have the ability to walk here was crazy. So people take something as simple as walking for granted. If you only knew how precious your eyeballs, your leg, were.” Buckshot also touches briefly on how Eminem almost signed to Duck Down Records. Watch above.


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  • if you have been a fan of buckshot/blackmoon/duckdown over the yrs you can def tell the seizures have effected him. peace to buckshot!

  • he sounds so stupid trying to explain what epileptic people go through at the beginning of this video. lol he just doesn't seem to know what the fuck he's talking about, even if he actually does.

  • much respect let people get to the right lane katts sign artist to boost there brand hold them down buckshot said like a real not nigga man you bigger than us we not going to lock you down possibly hold you back because here go a check

  • I seriously don't even know half the people that Vlad interviews anymore

  • Eminem is 1 ov the the best but I stand by saying if it wasn't for dr dre co-sign he wouldn't have blown how he did. he still mighve blown later on in life but the stars aligned for Eminem. it's hard to get to be a huge rap star when u white, "lets call it what it is" but Eminem talent with dre signing him was what did it. buckshot right in saying duck down wasn't for em. and I respect buck for telling em to go with dre and interscope. real shit

  • S/O to Buckshot shorty an underrated all-timer, his solo catalog is hot too!

  • is he high or something?? lol🤔😂

  • Vlad , Joe Budden and Rory gonna fuck u up allegedly

  • Wtf is wrong wit this nigga?Mofos was commenting on lil wayne and him drinking lean and having seizures and if he keep drinking it he is gon die mofo wasnt talking people that have seizures in general and making fun of it. Wtf Angela Basett got to do wit sumthin..I want all the bitches toFollow me on Ig@koolKeith420

  • Don't worry peeps. Eminem is good, nothing has happened to him except he now has a beard. The conversation about Em starts at 6:12 no shade at the rest of the interview but one of the craziest rappers "almost" signing to someone else is rap history some of ya'll might want to listen to.

  • W.W.B.C.C. 4 LIFE

  • Buckshots constant use of hand gestures are about to give me a fucking seizure

  • rae sremmurd lil dude pops

  • Chris Brown jus got caught buying lean wat he talkin bout

  • thats why people say you dont know about about hip hop vlad buckshot told you eminem deserved to be on a major label so everyone could hear him and you comeback with "but he would have made so much money for you guys" it was about the good of the culture money gone come regardless if you just keep doin ya thang trust aint none of them duckdown cats broke believe that

  • I never knew Aaliyah sung the hook for Nightriders . I guess you learn something new everyday .

  • Fuck Feminem!!

  • DJ Vlad talking about Eminem with every artist in here because Eminem dont wanna come to his stupid ass.

  • salute to the og and rip to aaliyah

  • is he talking about the ''dont front '' song lol? … im sorry but eminem is my favourte rapper , but im not flying to him and back , to write a Verse and leave with a track with no verse and jus a hook of you repeating a line 3/4 times #justsaying

  • Since Black Moon you can always get the logical maturity and good morals from Buck. He was always on point. ALWAYS!!

  • Eminem dissed Michael Jackson in 2004 with the video for Just Lose It…. in 2007 Michael Jackson bought a portion of Eminem's music catalog… MJ controlled the publishing rights to Without Me and Real Slim Shady… just a little music trivia from a nobody

  • These are old video clips

  • Lookin like he's Rakims younger brother Lol

  • You learn something new everyday, I had no clue Aaliyah and Tek are cousins.

  • Buckshot shouldve kept the flow from "Walking down the street hopping the train I saw my man he had an L in his hand…"

  • where the damn footage !! I wanna hear that shit dawg !!

  • duck down would've been better for Em sound wise
    Dre was better business wise