In this episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast from the Loud Speakers Network, The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God and stand up comedian Andrew Schulz discuss Monique’s Netflix special and Kodak Black going back to jail.

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  1. Alt-Right Andy is back… Racism was and still is a problem in America, Monique's craziness doesn't mean you can move your argument against her to other topics…. Andy, you need to get your bars up, all that white privilege, Charlemagne's help and he's still complaining…

  2. Hmmm, does it seem like for the past several episodes that all they do is get on here and talk about how other people are stupid in contrast to their own decisions that they have been judged for?

  3. Schulz is going overboard with this "I can't get a job in Hollywood bc I'm a straight white male". Maybe he's not good enough. Plus, to his Pokemon point, I think it's a whole different storyline set in America. So, they casted someone from America.

  4. Andrew always states that he does not consider race but will always states that its tough being a white male in entertainment. Maybe it's just balancing out to what it should have been for decades.

  5. okay I disagree Andrew, Carlos Menica is the definition of a culture vulture and most Mexicans, including myself, KNOW that Carlos Menica is Honduran, as well as stealing jokes, so everytime he says a stolen joke and then follows with wetback, I cringe. I literally have seen carlos menica ONCE and never again. FUCK HIM

  6. 0:10 merch on deck/ hezzy tour
    1:37 BET social awards
    6:10 being yourself & not giving a f*ck
    8:40 comedy & Activision
    12:12 brief Monique talk
    15:12 Showtime boxing event story/ boxing talk
    22:00 Monique talk
    58:43 CTG vs Amara La Negra
    1:12:00 CTG bleaching?
    1:14:33 you got nothing to say when I'm doing good
    1:16:20 rape culture revelations
    1:26:40 Charlemagnes fur coat got a fur coat
    1:29:23 Kodak Black (broward county in this bih 😁)
    1:35:40 taking responsibility for your success / failure
    1:38:50 tom Brady/ patriot talk

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  7. Schulz, that didn't happen in titanic, the were gonna arrest him cause they thought he was trying to rape her, he was saying they had the wrong idea and they didn't care, only after she explained what happened did they let him go, man you out here forever be spewing shit to try and backup your perspective

  8. I don’t think Amara was trying to make excuse for her delay in success. I think she was trying to acknowledge & bring awareness to colorism we all know exist. Stating it exist in the Latin community as well. & used her experience as an example. Cardi B is one person. They think you were making light of colorism bc you brought up cardi b like bc she made it the problem doesn’t exist. & Amara ain’t come out & say it was bc she was light skinned. Dj Envy eluded to that.

  9. Charlamagne…I'm La'Angella & as a PROUD black woman I am truly disappointed by your behavior during the Amara la Negra BC interview. As a follower, supporter, & promotor(to some small degree) of your career, I'm perturbed by your blatant ignorance, dismissiveness, & defensiveness while interviewing her. She is a PROUD afro-Latina expressing her plight in the latin community. Angela Yee & I, amongst others understood her point clearly. If you allow yourself to become more open minded & review the interview, perhaps you'll have a different take concerning your performance. Don't treat her the way "cracker a$$ crackers" treat you. Have a blessed day 🙂

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