In this episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast with Charlamagne tha God and stand up comedian Andrew Schulz they are joined by some friends to discuss the state of comedy.



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  1. Every week this show has become white men and charlamagne complaining about how unfair life is…. Chappelle tranny jokes did not hurt his pockets, so what if there was social media backlash??? Social Media is not real life, his special is still on netflix. People complain about how bad politcal correctness is and how they miss the old days… Humans have always been PC, back in the day motherfuckers were getting killed if said something bad about religion. People got arrested if they were communist in Europe… Society has always been censored, nudity was not allowed in movies, swearing wasn't allowed, being PC is human nature, and social media is not real life.

  2. ok obviously this is going to be another one of those fake brilliant idiots ep. without ctg … Damnn not da same for the people who originally started listening to this podcast

  3. ctg must of came in and said wtf is going this aint flagerant 2 or whateva oh ok schulz u must of got the recording schedule time wrong or something … i don't need this anyways soo here u go do your thing deuces lol

  4. Andrew look like he lost his family in a tragic shooting and decided to wage a one man war against all the criminals in New York with a huge selection of firearms while wearing a bulletproof vest with a skull on it

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