In this clip of the Brilliant Idiots podcast with Charlamagne tha God and Andrew Schulz, some friends join to discus hyenas and whether or not there’s a God.



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  1. lmao what the fuck is he talking about, every single "WILD" animal is brutal wtf. In nature it's about survival like tf Look at fucking lions eating zebras, they eat them from the ass after they've caught them, so the Zebra can't even die right away, it's being eaten alive while it is still alive. How is that not brutal.

  2. This guy doesn't really know what he's talking about.
    Hyena's are close relatives of mongoose, meerkats, etc. They are also derived from the same genus as big cats. Go back a little further and we see they split from the same species that eventually gave us badgers, wolverines, etc.

  3. if you're talking about God in any realistic fashion you must first accept that creation has no morality because the act of creation is to bring balance, hence good and evil, light and dark, left and right, chaos and order.
    so no man I can't take this dude seriously

  4. They're born Hermaphrodites they preform oral on each other from they're young cubs, they're cannibals from young cubs, they kill and sex other hyena pups dead corpses or will eat them….. Sickest fukin animal on the planet

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