In this episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast, the Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God and stand up comedian Andrew Schulz discuss Charlamagne’s recent interview with Lavar Ball, Liangelo Ball, and Lamello Ball. They also discuss Kevin Hart’s interview and his attitude towards cheating in relationships.



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  1. Is it me or does it feel like this podcast is going downhill? I used to think it had something to do with Andrew since he always gets defensive and makes everything into a debate but just by listening to Westerbros and Flagrant 2, it’s definitely not Andrew since those podcasts are entertaining. It has more to do with Charlamagne and his ego. It feels like every podcast we hearing about Charlemagne’s success and his life. C preaching gets old after a while. Not to mention this podcast got way too political after Trump became president and y’all discuss the same things too much. I still fuck with this podcast though, I just hope y’all go back to having fun, not everything gotta be serious.

  2. I bet all the sexaual assaults had CthaGod shook with all the chairs he done sniffed and outlandish shit hes said to women 😂😂 nigga probably thanking God hes been faithful lately. He Ending his creep phase right on time

  3. Lol "Evolve or die" what does he mean by that? Does he think he evolved because he became a super SJW and is holier than thou always preaching that hypocritcal moral bullshit. You saw how scared he got when the LGBT creatures was on his ass after the lil Duval video he got that illogical feminist blame men agenda… losing entertainment value

  4. CTG was tripping talking about LaVar is realistic and not delusional at 23:36 like bruh this the same nigga that think he could of beat Jordan 1v1 and that Lonzo is already better than Curry

  5. It's one thing for Lavar to believe in his kids…it's another thing for him to get on national fucking television and proclaim his kids are better than Stephen Curry….that's just fucking annoying…

  6. Charlamagne always seems to have pre-programmed sound bites of phrases to support a variety of subjects. That’s why keeps talking. He has answers ready but watch when you ask a question about his initial respond, then he gets forgetful.

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