In this episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast from the Loud Speakers Network, The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God and stand up comedian Andrew Schulz discuss comedian Monique being outraged at Netflix not offering here a deal.

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  1. I’d like to know how the fuck she’s the most decorated comedian alive also?? What the fuck? I never heard of her selling out the Madison square garden like Kevin Hart did. I know Kevin didn’t win an Oscar, but this bitch ain’t better than him, comedy-wise or otherwise. Shit. She needs to sit the fuck down. Her time is fucking over.

  2. The mainstream does not give a fuck about Monique. Most of us never even checked for her at all until this shit happened. This is MOST press she’s ever gotten in yearssss. She needs to humble herself.

  3. I don't think Amy is as funny as people make her out to be, but she's funny as hell to white people (who are the bulk of the population), she has a show on comedy central that does well, a stand up special on Comedy Central that was actually okay, a stand up set for HBO, and a nationwide tour that sold out. She brings in money. Monique on the other hand…lets be real, ain't nobody thought about her in years, she hasn't done any real stand-up in over a decade and even then she wasn't the best black female comedian out. If we being real she shouldn't be getting paid what DeRay, Hannibal, or Michael Che got paid for their standups considering they all been consistently putting out comedy for years, and that she's basically the comedy equivalent of Mase or JaRule at this point. Yeah you were cool at one point but what have you done lately?

  4. Dave Chappelle is probably the least decorated comedian out of all 4 of them if your talking about awards. But I know who I would go see and who would probably sell out faster than any of them. So obviously awards really don't mean anything when it comes to comedy.

  5. If Monique can turn down five hundred thousand and then try to boycott a service like Netflix. She'll have to pay 500 to 1000 people to get half a chance at winning this one. Put your money where your mouth is.

  6. The funny thing is they paid Amy 13 mill and her shit tanked. The worst numbers and gross from any Netflix standupWTF bad investment but CTG says nothing about that. So bad that the bitch blamed trump supporters for it WTF? However Wanda and Monique 750k?????? WTF I can bet MO special standup will gross more than 750k? That the price the wanted to pay for both her and wanda? Think about it I bet a MO special will gross ten times more then Amys tanked special? Meanwhile they paid that cracker 12.3 mill more than both combined? TFOH CTG sucking dick and its been exposed

  7. I wonder why charlamagne doesn't speak about the Amara la negra thing? Or did he? I haven't heard the whole thing ..I can't even listen to this one. .since the Amara la negra thing I can't stand charlamagne. .I cant even hear his voice. .it really changed how I see him and I really rocked with him..the thing that bothered me the most is that he hasn't apologize and act as if he did nothing wrong. .that's bizar to me since he always talks about moraly righteousness and owning it when you fucked up and admiting when your wrong etc. .anyways.
    I still feel a type a way because of this and as long he won't apologize or even acknowledge it I can't listed to him anymore. .and I even bought his book. .which now I'm regretting..I guess I'm just really really disappointed

  8. Lol @ the Netflix Ad for Altered Carbon right before this video. Lol @ me for not skipping it & actually watching it in it's totality. Yeah, that jawn looks lit…not finna boycott Netflix over this.

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