BREAKING NEWS: Should Sen. Al Franken Resign? | Chelsea | Netflix

Chelsea and Sen. Barbara Boxer discuss whether or not Al Franken should resign from the Senate.

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BREAKING NEWS: Should Sen. Al Franken Resign? | Chelsea | Netflix



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  1. Even though I have always liked Al Franken, it is important to recognize his mistakes and for him to admit to them. And it is important for democrats to not blindly support a democrat when a mistake has been made. I think Chelsea and Barbara Boxer are doing the appropriate/mature thing here. I cannot understand how people would continue to support someone (like Roy Moore) just because he is a republican. That is so pig-headed and backwards. Hurting themselves out of stubbornness.

  2. Completely agree! There is someone else that will represent Minnesota better. He need's to stand down out of respect to his state, country, those women, and his family. There is no reason for him to stay. Barbara's right he just needs to go away.

  3. Senator Al Franken admitted and apologized for his misdeed. Trump and Moore denies it.
    Anyone who stands up for their mistakes and apologizes for it is forgiven in my book.
    " Those without sin throw the first stone "

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