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Every July 1st from 2011-2035 is known as Bobby Bonilla Day, the day the New York Mets pay their former outfielder, whose last game as a Met was in the fall of 1999, an annual salary of $1,193,248.20.

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  • first

  • Bobby Bonilla is one lucky dude

  • I thought that was kyrie in the thumbnail 😂

  • Best contract ever

  • I wish I was Bobby such A nice Gift just sit back and collect the MILLION

  • The Luckiest Athlete ever to Cash in

  • getting paid without working, now thats a dream job

  • At one point a couple of years ago he was the highest paid outfielder on the mets lmaoo

  • dude gets payed to not even lift a finger, therefore all i have to say is…. bobby bonilla > babe ruth

  • Mets are a shit organization.

  • He's had it made nice Vacation MONEY or buy property in a another country

  • lol get ya money

  • the man is living THE life lmao

  • That's why you don't take all the money upfront. That's a boss move right there

  • He has the greatest financial team of all time

  • my last name is Bonilla

  • Bobby Bonilla should own the Mets lol😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅

  • I love it. It is good being Bobby Bonilla.

  • J C

    This is why the Mets are such an idiotic and moronic franchise. It's so hard to be a fan. They will be paying this bum for the next 18 years

  • J C

    I don't know how you decide hey we owe you 5 million, how about we pay you 30 million in 25 years? That's so stupid to me

  • Happy Bobby Bonilla day everyone! I'm 3 days late!

  • P

    5 million versus 24 million? What in the world?

  • Bobby Bo IS having the last laugh!

  • Terribly one-sided deal. Yea the Mets used the 5 mill the right way, but that didn't get them a Ring. Yea they got David Wright, but where are the trips to the WS with him on the roster? How long has he actually been on the roster?

  • This guy was such trash as a player.  The Mets are one of the dumbest franchises in the history of baseball..

  • How the fuck do you guarantee him 30 mil over a long period of time, when you could have given him 5.9 mil and been done with his ass?  Morons..

  • His agent is a fuckin genius

  • So, how does Bonilla's agent at the time get his cut of this???

  • Haha and now David Wright straight up robbed them of 150 million