Bow Wow Talks Dating Kim Kardashian, Erica Mena & #BowWowChallenge Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

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  1. Idk y ppl hate on this rich black young man! At least he ain't round this bih rapping about some shit he dnt do like these new lame fake rappers! That man raps about woman and he gets them so stop fucking hating!!!!!

  2. An open statement to Miss Ford. Wanting someone to fuck you five times a day, doesn't make a relationship. You might like to try , intimacy, love, conversation, holding hands, you know that kind of thing? Try and grow up, and try not to live off your looks, they are not going to be there forever. Jason, if he wasn't Gay, you would probably have a relationship with him. I think that upsets him a lot. He gets possessive of you. Just try not to dine out on your past and grow the fuck up.

  3. Melyssa .. girl … BET did not want you on TV period . They didn’t think you were “too sexy” Shad just said that what they wanted so ….
    she comes off super desperate around these guys , and always ends up kissing ass . Is she going on vacation soon?

  4. Hey Jason bats for the same sex, I absolutely respect am glad he doesn't like darkskinned men and sincerely wish him all the best in he's future endeavours 😀

  5. Jason is a fucking faggit ass retard for letting that “Colorist” bullsh*t fly out of his mouth. Especially being that he’s saying it on a public platform but let somebody say something about homosexuals. That’s why he got road out on the “Queen’s Court”.

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