Blake Griffin To Visit Phoenix Suns | SC6 | June 29, 2017

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss reports the Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin is set to visit the Phoenix Suns.

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  • hell no! keep him out of phx!

  • If Im a Clips fan I would want him to do a sign n trade like CP3 Did. Can he not still opt in for 1 more year.

  • Devin booker would not get so much attention if he wouldn't have had that 70 point game amirite?

  • Lee

    Blake will resign with the Clippers there is no need for him to leave when he'll get the max plus he's still at the prime of his career no reason for the clippers to get rid of him when the Clippers still have a contending team they don't have Chris Paul anymore but Patrick beverly is still a pretty good replacement and they just added Lou williams with a 1st rd pick. He also can now show his full potential as he will now be the franchise player.

  • Blake is going to the BEST medical staff in the league. He's trying to stay healthy.

  • as a Clipper fan from LA who is actually moving to PHX in a couple months.. this would be interesting…he better be gambling with me at talking Stick casino

  • Money is life -BG32

  • Go to the Lakers

  • This show is so bad. Jemele is flat out terrible.

  • the Phoenix Suns could use some new talent

  • well if Blake leaves its no reason for doc rivers to stay either he ran this team into the ground

  • Check the video about this on BrawadisNBA channel

  • Blake is going back to his hometown and team up with Westbrook…………Mark my words!

  • Blake just like their jerseys lol

  • Come to Portland! (I know it won't happen because of our cap situation don't @ me)

  • All teams must go through Cav's & GSW. Any trade is irrelevant.

  • he would be back with bledsoe and wouldn't have to be main scoring option with booker and warrenand the rookies in chriss, bender, and jackson can provide help

  • and the thing is it helps out for future plans,i think putting blake on the team on the team makes us a 6th or 7th seed and future free agents will see the success and progress we made and view us as a place to go, also considering the young players we have that wil develop

  • blake will be looked at as the main scoring option now and pressure will be on him, and she said okc but they are low on cap they will need to do a sign and trade maybe kanter, singler, and a pick for blake

  • i remember when blake listed his favorite cities and phoenix was one and the other 3 he said don't make sense toronto is trying to get ibaka back, new york has a rising star in kristaps, and boston is going all in on hayward and trying to trade for george

  • They forgot to mention Josh Jackson & Dragan Bender. The two 4th picks in the past two drafts… Phoenix is gonna be Stacked if they acquire a free agent like Griffin. Plus the medical team. Plus he's a comedian, & Phoenix has that.

    Sidenote: Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe played together in LA & they are still close. The stars are aligning for the Suns.

  • well this lady clearly doesn't know much about the Suns lol, what's new though

  • The Suns are known for having a nice Arena and cool jerseys other then that they're irrelevant

  • Come to Phoenix!

  • ya dont build around the 2nd best pf in the league stfu. 28 yrs old and can easily average 24 8 4 without cp. even better. look at all the games without paul in the last cpl years. stop it

  • This nigga said Brandon Knight πŸ˜‚ They should fire his ass for even mentioning his name.

  • Blake must have lost his god damn mind! Go home to OKC if ypu gonna leave the clippers, why on gods green earth would you want to go to PHX for lesser $ and a terrible squad when you could team up with westbrook and be the new "Batman & robin" duo!!!

  • Blake only going to Phx for the money.#TreadmillTeam

  • yoo this lady doesn't know what she is saying at all πŸ˜‚"oh thats a word" what?Brawadis knows whats up

  • that nasty predator looking bitch is a hater …..

  • This Show Is So Shitty πŸ˜‚

    My HS Lunch Table Had Better Analysis And Debates Than This Shows

  • The Josh Jackson Effect.

  • The Suns need Griffin

  • please calm down and go to spurs blake

  • Blake stayin

  • 5 years for 202 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he's not even worth that smh