Blake Griffin Should Go To The Cavaliers | First Take | June 29, 2017

Herm Edwards says that Blake Griffin should leave the Los Angeles Clippers and join the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  • he should go to the thunder

  • 6:59 da guard gawn 😂

  • KD ruined the NBA and the Commissioner help him do it…

  • Nah,Blake Griffin should go to the Spurs

  • KD a snake!

  • Herm Edwards shouldn't talk basketball

  • The way some of the more knowledgable basketball minds speak, Blake should stay with the Clippers and if Doc has a lick of sense(doubtful), let Blake run the offense and be the primary ball handler.

  • nah, Boston

  • I thought NYK west was Sacramento. Guess it's LAC too.

  • Trade Kevin Love I mean, who the fuck cares about him?

  • Would you all agree that John Salley absolutely lends nothing.

  • Lmao they literally just say that every player in free agency should go to Cleveland, there are 31 other teams, they want Melo, Paul George, Blake Griffin, and Jimmy Butler to go to Cleveland, why can't he go to the Timberwolves or something? A team with Ricky Rubio, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, Blake Griffin, and Karl Anthony Towns at least sounds good on they could make it seem interesting

  • How the hell can Blake help the Cavs? He can't space the floor.

  • the people on first take now are hard to watch

  • Every free agent that their is this year the so called "Experts" said all of them should go to the cavs

  • Herm Edwards be killing me bruh 😭😭😭😭 he should do this full time!

  • the two dudes other than John Salley is annoying as hell. Especially the old dude trying to be Chuck.

  • Love is better than Blake all around fuck Wong wit ppl

  • did he say russ and blake is a superteam ??

  • KD ruined the league when Boston did this 10 years ago? Ok

  • Blake can't stay healthy so he'll stay at clippers and soak up that Money, he knows he'll never be a champion in this league


    ESPN fires good, reputable reporters but keeps this idiot. SMH!

  • love is better than blake lololol wtf…espn findin every way to fix up the cavs roster ahahahahahaha wtf!!! cp3,wade,pg,butler, melo now blake

  • When Will Cain speaks I turn off the sound

  • LeBron doesn't need another Fragile PLAYER!

  • Man with all these player formed super teams it's gonna make the bottom team look even worst. I am starting to think the NBA might not be good until this generation of players are retired.

  • Cavs are in the finals for one reason only: They play in a weak eastern conference.

  • lebron is becoming such a joke

  • Not even watching the video, read the headline and just came here to comment: No

  • G

    At the end of 18 we will have every all stars in the Lakers LOL.

  • Wrong… Sacramento is the New York Knicks West.

  • Blake should go to Knicks

  • Send Blake to cavs cp3 is really home now

  • Russ + griffin and if Okc gets Rudy gay Okc is a contender

  • Trade Iman & Tristan for Paul George, sign Blake Griffin, & trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony.

    Kyrie Irving (PG)
    Paul George (SG)
    Carmelo Anthony (SF)
    LeBron James (PF)
    Blake Griffin (C)

    This team would DESTROY the Warriors.

  • Kyrie, Lebron, Melo and Griffin? So who's playing SG? Or Center?

  • blake griffin to the LAKERS!!! YES.