Blake Griffin Should Go To The Cavaliers | First Take | June 29, 2017

Herm Edwards says that Blake Griffin should leave the Los Angeles Clippers and join the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  1. Y'all are so fucking dramatic. Celtics & Lakers, just 2 teams have 1/2 of all nba championships. Bulls DOMINATED the 90's you guys are whining about the league being competitive well they went 6-0 and you already knew they were gonna win every time. Spurs and Lakers dominated the 2000's and recently it's been Lebron's team (heat/cavs) and now the warriors. That's the way it goes and that's the way it always has been.

  2. Y'all are acting like the clippers are horrible right now they are still a very good team!!!!!!!! I'm not a big CP3 fan I think he's trash clippers are just fine without him. Why would Blake leave the Clippers (a playoff team) for OKC? Clippers should of traded for Ricky Rubio OR get Kyle Lowry in FA since cp3 is gone. That in my opinion would be WAY better. The clippers problem isn't doc rivers, jerry west already made CP3 leave get doc rivers out of LA & the clippers are a way better team with out cp3

  3. he is injury prone and he wont survive at cavs. TT is a work-horse! but TT needed a back up! And he has to add some floaters and jumpers to his game. he played very well in game 5 but ran out of gas. in 2016 he was superb but this year he had no back up throughout the year. he had no moz to give him 10 to 12 minute relief. that hurt TT in the finals!
    cavs needed a BOGUT!

  4. Nba is the problem here. In the first place they should not have let kd come to the warriors like cp3 to the lakers. Nba should make a rule that only two superstars per team.

  5. I really love that the Warriors built a team zo deadly even another team of all Stars probably wouldn't be enough. Think about it, even if you had CP3, Melo, Wade, Bron on one team what happens when the bench gets put in, they get smoked by Iggy, Livingston, West, Mccaw, mcGeee.

  6. cavs have no money. no one wants love or his contract. Wiggins trade will bite LeBron in the ass. as it has done. love has been a bust in Cleveland 100%

  7. LA media –
    "Every star should go to the Lakers."
    "Every star should leave the Clippers."

    Blake Griffin isn't going anywhere. Clippers aren't leaving LA. Better to be #2 in LA than #1 Seattle from a business standpoint.

    LA is LA. Why the fuck would the Clippers leave LA when their value has gone up? Laker fans feel threatened because Clippers are capable cannibalizing the prospects.

    Have you seen Blake Griffin's Instagram Story? He has a future in film making. He is going to retire a Clipper. ⛵

  8. heres my thing, the best team in nba history(even better than my Lakers teams) arrives last year and the leauge goes into full revuild, everybody is trying to stock up for this winter thats coming. GSW almost sweeps the team nobody could really beat in Cleveland and all of the sudden everybodies like nah forget this rebuild thing, lets give up all our young guys in an effort to make a superteam and stop this UBERTEAM, why? Especially my lakers, doing things like giving up Russel for Lopez, we still wont even get to the playoffs, why not like cut Mosgov or trade him for literally anyone, then have Russel, Lonzo, Ingram, and Russel being the bew top team in like 4 maybe 5 years?

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